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Raiders playoff potential? Prove It, says del rio

Jack Del Rio has heard it all about Oakland’s talented, youth-heavy core, and says all that promise means squat without performance. Plus notes on how Tom Brady will spend September, the Browns’ plans to keep Josh Gordon in line and the college RB who invokes swear words from scouts  

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Scouting Seattle: Wilson takes charge

The new and improved Russell Wilson looked like a true franchise QB late last year. Plus, Thomas Rawls as a “poor man’s Adrian Peterson,” and perhaps the only hope opposing offenses have against Richard Sherman

Cardinals Scouting Report

Why you should keep believing in the veteran quarterback. Plus, the greatness of Patrick Peterson, the true value of Larry Fitzgerald, the rising star of David Johnson, and why Chandler Jones might not be the pass-rush solution the Cardinals need

Steve Gleason Movie: Raw, Emotional and Real

As powerful a film as you’ll ever encounter, Gleason documents the former Saints player’s grueling struggle with ALS, its effect on his wife and those around him, and his message to his young son

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From Dr. Z Week: A Tribute to Paul Zimmerman

A Life in Journalism

From schoolboy sports at the Sac Bee to the national spotlight at Sports Illustrated, Paul Zimmerman bridged eras while always maintaining his distinctive style. Here, excerpted from his unpublished memoirs, is the story of his career in ... well, just don’t call it media

Dr. Z’s All-Time Team: Part I—Offense

Over more than six decades, sportswriting legend Paul Zimmerman saw ’em all—well, except for one. In this excerpt from his unpublished memoirs, pro football’s journalistic voice of authority unveils his all-time offense, from Hutson to Hannah to Joe Montana

Dr. Z’s All-Time Team: Part II—Defense and Special Teams

In this excerpt from Paul Zimmerman’s unpublished memoirs, special skills on the defensive side swell the rolls of the all-timers far beyond the standard 11. Dig in for more on speed tackles, coverage linebackers and killer-style safeties

Best of Dr. Z: The Long Way Up

In 1985, Zim profiled Los Angeles Raiders quarterback wrecker Howie Long and how he departed Boston’s streets for NFL stardom

Training Camp 2016

Are You Ready for This, Denver?

After a tumultuous offseason, the Super Bowl champions go into their title defense with one massive question mark at quarterback but a whole lot of commitment to fight complacency

Fantasy 40

Wide Receiver Fantasy Rankings

Featuring the top two players in fantasy football. Plus, why your fantasy league is doing the playoffs so very wrong, and how to fix it

10 Things I Think I Think

Scouting Los Angeles: Let Goff Play

Unless the Rams think their O-line puts Goff in harm’s way, the rookie should be under center Week 1. Plus, what makes Gurley great, the crucial element Tavon Austin brings, and the best front four in football

Fantasy 40

Running Back Fantasy Rankings

In the sequel to the debut of The MMQB’s new fantasy column, a look at the preseason running back rankings. Plus, why your league should embrace the positionless revolution (just like they already have in real football) and allow owners to ignore RBs altogether