Stuck in Purgatory

Ryan Clark on the Steelers' 8-8 season, the power of politeness, and great hair

Greg A. Bedard
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1. I think 8-8 is football purgatory, and we need to get out fast!

2. I think my kids are ready for football to start so I can stop bugging them.

3. I think Charles Barkley is the most interesting analyst ever.

4. I think Troy Polamalu will win Defensive Player of the Year in 2013—or at least best hair.

5. I think Kobe Bryant will make an Adrian Peterson-like comeback from surgery and give us the best Mamba we’ve seen.

6. I think the engineers at Apple are geniuses. Either that or they have kids advising them.

7. I think families get into the groove of football life. My wife has been hitting the weights hard this offseason after our 8-8 season last year.

8. I think Peter King was my uncle in a former life—too many similarities, including our great hair:


9. I think we should all be more polite: Hold doors, say hello, smile at one another. It goes a long way.

10. I think this just gave me the less-than-140-character scratch that I needed for my Twitter itch.


I like these "10 Things" from players, coaches, ...  Gives some insight into the person.  Never thought that the kids would want the season to start so dad wouldn't be bugging them, and the wife hitting the weights ... Like the unique content.  Keep it up.


What kind of article is this? Why would I come back to read this site if this is the type of content being created? This and the 3Q interviews are boring garbage.

iainbartholomew like.author.displayName 1 Like

@discgolfguy I can't agree. This is easily-consumable, quick-hit material, like the 3Qs sections, designed to supplement the meatier content. I think they need to keep developing the way they present it, but this sort of stuff is easily accessible, easily digestible and doesn't make you think too much. There is absolutely an audience for that.


 I agree with you iainbartholomew, love these features. Hopefully there are more of us than him!

bhayes420 like.author.displayName 1 Like

My God, Peter!  What a head of hair!!


Where's the 70s Porn 'Stache, Peter?!?!?