Mile-High Mentor

Champ Bailey and rookie Kayvon Webster discuss their teacher-student relationship in Broncos camp

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Dear Peter,

Congrats on your accomplishment. I am a longtime admirer and active reader of your stories. I think they are excellent and provide well-needed coverage on the NFL throughout the entire year. 

That said, I just want to give you a quick hit of observation on the new site: I share this because I actually CARE:

The design, information architecture and overall usability of this site is really really poor. From the logo to the HUGE pictures you use on each story that push any content down 2 full pages, the site looks like amateur hour. I truly hate to share this as I want nothing more than an awesome site that only talks about the NFL - but you need to hit the reset button. You need to pull in some outside experts who do this type of work. I know there are problems in the TW building with the leadership but this is not good. Hope you are able to fix some of these fundamental issues.



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Sorry, I didn't learn anything from this.  Two seemingly good guys that say exactly what the textbook tells them to say.  Seem professional but there was no substance in this at all.


@BigJoe Peter King is boring as hell. That's why. He can't get anything new from players.