Surrounded by Icons

Eric Reid discusses stepping, as a rookie, into a star-studded 49ers defense

Greg A. Bedard
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GREG BEDARD: What’s it like as a rookie to be playing with this good of a defense?

ERIC REID: I couldn’t ask to be in a better situation. Obviously it’s my dream to be in the NFL, but to be with the guys on this defense is incredible. I think it’s going to set the tone for my entire career. There are a bunch of guys surrounding me that are going to help me learn to be a professional athlete and I’m looking forward to doing that. They don’t have to tell me much, you can sort of feel the presence. Patrick Willis, NaVorro Bowman, Aldon Smith … those guys step on the field and you know you’ve got to step your game up. That’s why I’m studying. If I get an opportunity to play in a real game with those guys, I definitely don’t want to let them down.

BEDARD: Is your role much different from what it was at LSU?

REID: It’s almost the exact same. The safeties, along with the linebackers, were in charge of making the checks and making the calls, and that’s the same here. But it’s a whole different system. For me, it’s just learning the new terminology, learning how the coaches want things done in their defense. There are definitely some growing pains.

BEDARD: Your mother is a traveling nurse?

REID: She makes more money in California than she would in Louisiana. She’ll come out here for a couple weeks then go home for a couple weeks. It was tough growing up because my mom was only there like half the year. It’s just a coincidence that now that I’m out here, she’s out here too so she shows me around, shows me the area, is helping me look for a place to stay. It’s nice.

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Strange it wasn't until your no article Saturday that I realized I missed this 3Q. Don't know how that's possible, when I've read everything the site has put out thus far. Silver Lining: I got something to read on this slow Saturday. LOL