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The Highlight Reel

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Monday Morning Quarterback: Chip Kelly at the Center of Everything • By Peter King :: Inside the coach’s mind on Riley Cooper and more, an update on Darrelle Revis and thoughts from camp

A Team Full of Coaches •  By Jim Trotter :: How the Seahawks’ system of checks and balances, with lots of tough love, has molded them into a contender


The Post-Pitta Problem (It’s a Big One) • By Greg A. Bedard  :: The way the Ravens deployed Anquan Boldin and Dennis Pitta down the stretch turned Baltimore into a Super Bowl winner. Now the champs must find two guys with the strength and the guts to go over the middle and unhinge a defense

The Ravens Should Double-Down on the Ground • By Peter King :: Without Anquan Boldin or Dennis Pitta, Baltimore needs to change its look. How about starting with a two-headed backfield?

The Pro Bowl Changes Are Much Ado About Nothing •  By Don Banks :: The league is desperate to fix its all-star exhibition, but it's better to just let it die


Raw Brutality, and Brett Favre’s Class • By Sage Rosenfels  :: The Vikings-Saints NFC championship will stay with me forever—it was the most physical, and fateful, game I’ve ever been a part of

The Redskins’ Secondary Must Come of Age Quickly • By Greg A. Bedard :: Young and talented, but inexperienced, Washington's defensive backfield might be the key to Super Bowl contention

Exploring the Cooper Controversy • By Andrew Brandt :: Breaking down what went on inside the Eagles' front-office and the factors involved when 'the video' leaked


Follow the Lions’ New Leader • By Greg A. Bedard :: Reggie Bush will help diversify Detroit's offense, but his greatest impact will go beyond the stat sheet

You Say Lambeau, He Thinks Supercar • By Robert Klemko :: Darius Slay may not know his way around the NFL yet, but the Lions’ rookie corner is getting up to speed fast. Vroom vrooom!

You Think It’s Easy to Cut a Guy? • By Andrew Brandt :: August is the cruelest month, when the NFL’s brutal numbers game makes it as tough on the front office as it is on the players

Drafting Themselves Out of a Corner • By Peter King :: The Falcons defied conventional draft logic again by doubling down in the secondary, and it's about time we trust them


There Can Be Only One • By Chris Kluwe :: After eight years, punter Chris Kluwe finds himself again in a heated camp competition, and this time he’s the veteran up against a strong-legged youngster in Marquette King

Grounded in Reality • By Greg A. Bedard :: With a renewed focus on running the ball and playing stout defense, the Titans look like the Jets circa 2009. They just need Jake Locker to be better than Mark Sanchez