Chasing the Ravens

Troy Polamalu on looking up at the Steelers' division rivals, an evolving defense and staying strong past 30

Jenny Vrentas
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JENNY VRENTAS: How do you work to maintain a high level of play at age 32?

TROY POLAMALU: I don’t know, you just work, really. The older you get, the more wisdom you gain on how to take better care of your body, training, so as your body evolves, your training and your treatment evolves. But it’s all about getting a good schedule, sticking to a program, and trying your best to stick to it, without petering off from that, whether it is diet, whether it is training, whatever it may be.

VRENTAS: Is it motivating when your division rival wins the Super Bowl?

POLAMALU: Honestly, it’s irrelevant to me. It’s a team that won the Super Bowl that’s not us. So that’s disappointing. But the most important thing you’ve got to do in preparation for a Super Bowl run is winning your division, and obviously we have a very talented division, so we’re going to have our hands full this year.

VRENTAS: Creating more turnovers is a target area of improvement for this defense. How do you go about doing so?

POLAMALU: Even when we didn’t get turnovers, we still had opportunities to win games. It’s just about closing out games and being really smart, situation football-wise. There are so many things that really separate the elite from the average in this game, which makes it such a wonderful game. That’s why we’re here working on the little things. It’s just not the glaring things, like turnovers. We had opportunities to get turnovers, we just didn’t catch them, and we didn’t seize our opportunities for sacks. We also had a lot of young talent last year, so we weren’t able to evolve our defense and run our full defense. Hopefully with more experience, we’ll be able to dig into our playbook, and be creative this year, and make more plays.

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I wish they would have asked him what he thought about his recent injury history and what he's doing to stay on the field.


After being a no-show in the Super Bowl loss to Green Bay, Troy has done nothing but rest on his past accomplishments and make terribly bad television commercials (a bunch of them). He and the Steelers could vault to forth place this year because they waited until the team got old before they started to reload (just like Chuck Noll did). Regardless, the Steelers are the last team to thrash the Ravens and they did it with a second string QB. Coach Harbaugh is still sulking about that butt kicking.


@Mark112 This is a frequent criticism of the Steelers but when you have such an excellent core of players -- 3 SB trips in 6 years -- you'd rather wait a year or two too long than break up the team too early. Hindsight is easy.



You make a valid point but you, just like the Steeler front office, continue to look at past accomplishments instead of refocusing on the future.  The Steelers "had" an "excellent core of players" yet do no longer. They got what they deserved by resigning Plexiglass. Troy will be non-factor again this year but Steeler apologists will continue to refer to past glories as a means to prop him up.  Regardless, he's a future Hall of Famer. I just hope he stops with the lame commercials.