(Simon Bruty/SI)
(Simon Bruty/SI)

Making and Appreciating History

Ravens linebacker Terrell Suggs on his White House visit, a Super Bowl what-if and Riley Cooper

PETER KING: How did you like visiting the White House when the Ravens were hosted by the president in June?

TERRELL SUGGS: I loved it. Loved it. Because, you know, I’m a big history buff. I’m a big historian. Big JFK fan. I got to take a picture under the official JFK White House portrait. I loved it. I just love what he stood for.

KING: I want to ask you about one play in the Super Bowl, on the last San Francisco drive. Remember when they called a timeout? The timeout came in late, so they started to run the play, and it was going to be a run by Colin Kaepernick around the left side. Think they would have scored?

SUGGS: I still haven’t seen the whole game. I still haven’t watched it. But I know what play you’re talking about. They were in shotgun, and they were gonna run that sweep around our right side, to their left, and they called timeout. I don’t know what would have happened had they ran it. But I will say this [wide grin] … [pause] … It was a hell of a play call at that time. It was a good time to try to run it.

KING: How would this Ravens team have handled Riley Cooper?

SUGGS: Good question. I was just talking about this. I think it would all depend on our personal relationships with Riley. Let’s say Dennis Pitta [who is white] had said that here. Everybody knows I’m the biggest Dennis Pitta fan in the world. But had he said something like that, something so hateful and disgusting, I would probably resent him at first. But time heals all wounds, and I would eventually forgive him. ’Cause he’s my guy. I don’t have a personal relationship with Riley Cooper, so I don’t know what’s going on in their locker room. Whereas I’ve been with Dennis outside of this building. I know he’s the greatest guy in the world. We’re a pretty understanding and forgiving locker room.


this was the best one so far. Suggs is a great player and most people respect him. Although as a niner fan, question 2 makes me cringe....and @WendellRawlings that is what he is supposed to say as a competitor. No niner fans still believe the game was stolen. Y'all won fair and square, so we will just have to go and win this year.


Question #2...Kaepernick felt the game was "stolen" and he "would have scored" on that play...  ABSOLUTELY NOT!  The refs threw the flag for delay of game.  The only reason they were not penalized was because the sideline ref gave Jim Harbaugh the time out. Watch the tape!  So please stop extending Kaepernick's fairy tale. I think he is a good QB but he can't re-write history!  

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Honest guy to ask and answer #3. Keep up the good work.