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Purple and Gold—and a Little Green Around the Gills

Jared Allen on his least favorite rule, AD going for 2,500 and what makes him want to vomit

Robert Klemko
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1. I think we know Adrian Peterson is capable of going for 2,500 yards, which is what he says he wants, but I don’t expect numbers from anybody. I expect him to help us to win, like he always does.

2. I think if I have to hear any more about the Jets, I might vomit green and white. Nothing against them, but how much media coverage do you have to get on the Jets? Didn’t the Giants win the Super Bowl a couple years ago?

3. I think the most rewarding thing I did this summer was spend two months in Hawaii with the family. I had shoulder surgery and knee surgery so all I did was soak up the sun.

4. I think my Tuesdays off have changed a lot. I have a toddler, so I just spend time with the family and recover. I used to hunt white tail or pheasant every off day. That’s calmed down a bit. I do old guy stuff now, like playing golf, or sitting outside, doing nothing. Now that’s a good hobby.

5. I think losing Antoine Winfield to free agency was a big blow. What Antoine did for us, I don’t know if that’s something you can replicate. He didn’t care how big you were; he was going to saw you down. But this league’s about change, so you have to deal with it and move on.

6. I think we had some young guys in key positions last year who had that bewildered look. Now they know what to expect, and we know what to expect from the coaches. We just have to be more consistent.

7. I think Jordy Nelson is one of the most underrated guys in the NFL. He doesn’t get as much credit as he deserves. He should’ve been on the Pro Bowl team a couple of years ago and he wasn’t even on the ballot.

8. I think the most underrated position in the NFL is that one great cover guy on kicks. Every team has that one guy who’s just legit. Unfortunately, with the new Pro Bowl, that guy gets eliminated from the equation. As a defensive player, that guy is invaluable to us.

9. I think if I could change one NFL rule I’d change the stupid thigh pad, knee pad rule. And I’d let us be able to hit people again … But the pad rule is driving me crazy. It’s a marketing scheme so Nike can sell the kids all the pads. I want to see the stats that say knee pads are saving ACLs.

10. I think this league will humble you. It doesn’t matter what’s said in the media. In the end, you have to get out there and perform.


I'm a Vikings fan, and Jared Allen is one of my favorite players on the team and in the league, but I think knee pads are less about protecting ACLs and more about protecting other people when they get kneed in the head.  Now, whether that actually helps with head injuries, I don't know.


To be fair, Jared, thigh and knee pads are required at every other level of football - so I doubt they'll sell more than they already do.

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As a Chiefs fan, I die a little inside every time he obliterates an opposing quarterback.


Hopefully Jared has also told his new teammate Greg: "Enough! Stop talking about the Packers!"

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This is the best 10 Things I Think I Think so far ... Pocatello represent!


Jared Allen is one of the really good guys in the league.  So much so that I want him to join me and my buds on one of our fishing trips to northern Minnesota.  He'd be a lot of fun either in the boat or in the fish house out on the ice. We're all "Old Guys" too. 

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The giants got plenty of coverage when they were winning. They just aren't interesting when they are not. The Jets, on the other hand, are a total train wreck and always interesting.

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Jared Allen is possibly one of my favorite defensive players -- and I'm not even a fan of the Vikes.  Down to earth, and seems to be a very humble person, even in terms of complimenting a rival team's player.


I'm a Jets fan and I agree on the coverage. Too many media people, mostly in NY, trying to make too much out of very little. Every day. Pro Football Talk does it as well. Every Rex Ryan press conference they hunt for one line to take out of context and twist.