Other Than the Ring, Nothing's Changed
3Q Interview

Other Than the Ring, Nothing's Changed

Joe Flacco on his not-so-wild Super Bowl MVP offseason, big money and—gasp—wearing an orange helmet

PETER KING: What was the most fun thing you did in your Super Bowl offseason?

JOE FLACCO: "The offseason was pretty normal, after the first the week-and-a-half or so. Me and my wife planned on going somewhere. Me, Dennis Pitta and Todd Heap—we went out to Vegas for a few days with our wives. We went out there for a few days right after the Super Bowl and just kind of caught up with each other. Then at the end of the summer, we always go spend a week at the Jersey shore, Sea Isle City. Right after that we went out to Montana.

Todd Heap has a place on Flathead Lake out there. That was pretty cool. I had been out there in the winter. We were actually out there for the Giants-Patriots Super Bowl after we lost a couple years ago. But other than that, no. I’ve got a little kid now, a 13-and-a-half-month-old, so it’s kind of everything revolves around him. Then my wife is due again in September, so, you know that’s what we did. It was fun. You’ve got a little kid. You won the Super Bowl. You’ve been married for a couple years. It was just kind of fun to hang out, relax, and hang around the family for a little bit. Run around and chase after our little guy, and get excited about having another one."

KING: Then you signed the big contract. Was it surreal to be the highest-paid player in football, even just for a few minutes?

FLACCO: "It’s a little surreal any time you sign a contract that’s worth the amount of money that I’ve signed for. I think people still look at it differently than I do. I don’t think that I took a gamble [by not signing last offseason for $17 million a year]. I think that I view it one way, and the average fan doesn’t quite understand all that went into it. I could have got hurt, yeah. But I was willing to live with that. That’s the one thing that my agent [Joe Linta] said when all that was going down. He said, 'Listen, think about the worst possible situation, and if you can live with that, then you’re making the right decision.' I said, 'Yeah, I’ve thought about the worst possible situation, and if that happens? Yeah, I’m cool.' "

KING: If the Ravens didn’t sign or exclusive-tag franchise you, did you understand there’s a chance the Browns might have gone after you? How strange would it have been to walk into Baltimore once a year as a Cleveland Brown?

FLACCO: "Yeah, that would have been tough. If Baltimore didn’t come up to the plate and get something done before they had to franchise me at one of the levels, some team could have stolen me. I’m glad I didn’t have to go through that. I don’t really want to say too much about that, aside from that I’m really glad I didn’t have to go through all that. Because, yeah, Cleveland could have come in and put an offer together that these guys couldn’t have matched. They could have paid me a ton of money so that there’s no way that these guys could have done anything about it. I would have been disappointed if that happened. I already felt that I had clawed and fought as hard as I could. It would be different. At the same time, you know, I don’t think I would have left these guys on a bad note though. It would have been their decision. Really, that’s what was crazy about it."