Denard of All Trades
3Q Interview

Denard of All Trades

Hold the slashes. Jaguars rookie QB/RB/WR/KR Denard Robinson is listed simply as an ‘offensive weapon.’ But will OW also stand for Otherworldly?
(Kelly Jordan/AP)

JENNY VRENTAS: Does being listed as the league’s first "offensive weapon" raise expectations for you?

DENARD ROBINSON: I want to try to live up to those expectations. I actually said [offensive weapon] one time in a meeting, and then by me playing and showing I could do multiple things, I’ve just got to keep working and live up to it.

VRENTAS: You were the starting quarterback at Michigan for three seasons. Does it feel weird not lining up behind center now?

ROBINSON: It’s fun, because you get to learn from a different perspective on the field. It’s been a learning experience. I’ve got a lot of veterans who have been helping me, like Maurice Jones-Drew and Justin Forsett, as I learn different positions in this offense. They tell me to keep my pads low and work on the little things that are going to make you a better player.

VRENTAS: What’s the biggest challenge of playing as a running back, and will we ever see you listed as just a QB again?

ROBINSON: As a running back, it's when you’re coming up to block, you’ve got to make sure you man up and do what you’ve got to do. Lately, I’ve been trying to do that and get physical. As for quarterback, we'll see. Right now I’m an offensive weapon, and I’m trying to have fun doing that.