Video: Giants Under Construction

New wrinkles on offense will make for an uneasy adjustment with a defense looking for redemption


Mr. King:

It is not for you to determine the Redskins as a negative. This is NFL football, not a socio/political publication.

If you take such a limited view, you must expand to include: Chiefs, Braves, Indians (the correct term for what we call "Indian" is "Aboriginal"-Indian is slang, granted, popular slang yet slang nonetheless.

There are team names after natural weather occurrences that kill many people yet this is acceptable.

respect the history of the team and the team's position.

You are a sportswriter/blogger, not a champion of misperceived civil rights.Th Redskins use the entire social genre in a postive fashion depicting the heart and soul of warriors which were a proud aspect of American Aboriginal heritage.