Thoughts of a Punter
10 Things I Think I Think

Thoughts of a Punter

Giants punter Steve Weatherford on defying age, his Call of Duty dream, and the most critical need at his position
(Peter Read Miller/SI)

1. I think our team is in a position right now that we like best—one of strength where we are perceived to be an underdog. That’s when we do our best work.

2. I think the one play I will never forget is holding the game-winning field goal as Lawrence Tynes kicked the Giants to their second Super Bowl appearance in four years. [Weatherford's reaction is pictured above.]

3. I think playing a Super Bowl at MetLife Stadium would be an amazing experience to share with the fans in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. Especially after all we have been through as a community after Hurricane Sandy and the tragedy of Sandy Hook Elementary School.

4. I think the most important things in my life are family, football and paying my good blessings forward to inspire and motivate the youth of the NY/NJ community. There is no greater feeling than to be blessed with the kind of career I have and to be able to help others because of it.

5. I think Coach Tom Coughlin is timeless. He has coached in four different decades, and he never fails to “reach” the player. He is a master motivator.

6. I think when we play Dallas, I watch more of the game on the giant video screen than I do live play. It’s mesmerizing! I wanna play Call of Duty on that monster!

7. I think the season is more difficult for my wife and three children than it is for me. They make a lot of sacrifices to ensure I’m rested physically and mentally every Sunday.

8. I think whether you are a professional athlete on the field or a businessman or woman behind a desk every day—your mind and body perform best when you are physically and mentally conditioned.

9. I think health and fitness defy age. Plain and simple. There is no food that tastes as good as being fit feels.

10. I think you can never own too many pairs of shoes—especially if you make a living with your feet!