Hireable Offense

Under Andy Reid's leadership, the Chiefs have orchestrated a significant turnaround. The man behind Reid's hire explains what he saw in the ex-Eagle that prompted him to make the move


Our thanks to Clark kHunt (and his brother Mike) for that non-spontaneous scripted talking-point and cliche-filled vignette ...  ah I mean INTERVIEW.    :D

I find it amusing that peter king never once touched on the possibility that one of the biggest changes in team "culture" in kc likely occurred about 2 seconds after his crony and man-crush scott "egoli" pioli got run out of town on a rail.

No biggie though - king made sure his buddy pioli got a new job bloviating more of his "patriot way" garbage on "Football Night in America" every sunday evening.


As per Incognito and his per say acts of bullying#racistism, I just think he is a guy who thinks he can do what he wants. And he is  partly right, for there is not all that wrong in what he did. Maybe his procédures were not all OK, but his intention were.

I'V been a part of many different teams in different sports as an elite athlete (just not Pro), and the fine line between initiation and abuse

is very fine. When you find that the line has been crossed, then you have to react to protect it.

I've done it in standing up to the vétérans of a varsity team and things worked out for the best.

That is what Martin did not do and too bad so sad, but in life, when things get tough the get going,and you must stand up...even if you know that you night end up on the wrong side fo a knuckle........Godd Luck Jonathan Martin.

By the way( this is to Martin), guys like Incognito are good to have around, but they just have to be confronted......get a pair and life will be good.

Paul Doucet