The Best of 2013: A Season in Pictures

The 2013 NFL campaign through the eyes of SI’s photographers

London Fletcher greets the crowd in Week 3, during his farewell season. (Simon Bruty)
London Fletcher greets the crowd at Fedex Field in Week 3, during his farewell season. (Simon Bruty)

On an given Sunday (or Monday or Thursday) in the fall, you’ll find Sports Illustrated’s photographers on the NFL sidelines, lenses trained on the action. SI doesn’t cover every game each week—shooters typically are working on a specific assignment for the magazine, or The MMQB, or else photographing games in their local area. So the following photo gallery, made up exclusively of pictures from SI staffers or from photographers on assignment for SI, is not meant to be a comprehensive look at the biggest games or greatest moments of the 2013 season; rather it’s a celebration of pro football as it seen through the eyes of the best sports photographers in the world. Click through the gallery below and enjoy. Or if you prefer a scrollable version, click here.

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