Who’s Got the Best Chance of a Road Upset?

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This is what the nation needs to know about us Seahawks fans.  We are arrogant because we know this success is temporary, and we are just enjoying it as much as we can, particularly the part that makes fans from other teams irritated.  Anyone who doesn't agree without passion is stupid and clueless.

But be sympathetic.  In 2001, the Mariners won a record number of regular season games--only to inevitably crumble in the playoffs.  They've sucked ever since.  We made it to the Super Bowl once, and got stomped by the Steelers. The Sounders (yes, we are soccer fans up here in the NW corner) looked to win the Supporters Shield (best record in league) in 2013, yet inexplicably crumbled at the end and exited the playoffs, meekly, to our greatest rival.  And don't even get me started on the NBA and what they did to us and the Sonics.

Don't be fooled by the rash bravado and macho predictions--in truth, we are scared as hell, because it never works out.  We are used to having the hammer dropped on our hopes and dreams.  This is a temporary phase, and once the Gods of All Thats Right (i.e., your more favored team is successful) wave their magic wand, we will once again retreat to our dark and rainy abodes, and step out of the way of your celebrations.

Unless we win, of course.  Then all you guys are really going to get it.  And I mean, get it bad--it's like we invented being insufferable.


Peter, why do you love the 49ers and hate the Seahawks please write and tell me.  You seem to have favorite teams that you treat like they are on a pedestal and other teams that you pay no attention to.  Seems like you are a very biased sports writer.  In addition, since you are such a great NFL Refs fan can you tell me why they treat teams differently, why they give the so called prima donna teams a break and nail other ones.  Hope the officiating will be fair across the board at the Super Bowl and not like I have seen in the recent past.  Can you also tell me what the NFL Refs Association has against the Seahawks.