Broncos In Trouble Without Chris Harris?

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My observations on Brady/Manning (or) Manning/Brady

The "I love the patriots" piece is interesting; especially in the juxtaposition of T.Brady talking about being an underdog.  The articles/stories/video about the Pats over the past few days have been - to me - *very* positive (showing the 2nd half of the Bronco's game, talk about being the underdog, the over-coming of the injuries, etc).  The articles/stories/video about the Bronco's have seemed more negative (injuries, repetitive complaints about the press on PFM, video on NFLN of Int's, getting sacked etc).  It seems to me, the Patriots ARE the betting underdog, and most say they "expect" the Pat's to win - but it seems there is an underlying hope and optimism for the Patriots.  On NFLN this morning "I expect the Bronco's to win, but I wouldn't be surprised if the Pats won - given the year they've had, that team is special" and "If PFM loses again to T.Brady, does that lessen PFM's legacy?" and "Brady and Manning have met 14 times and Brady has won 10 of those meetings including the playoffs.... IF Brady wins again, is it fair to say he's the greatest QB of the era?"  

Self disclosure, I'm a Bronco fan - and I'm not complaining about the press coverage (it is what it is) I'm just wondering if anyone else has noticed this trend the way I have or am I being overBRONCOsensitive?