(snaffler (n.) — an information catch-all)
snaffler (n.) — an information catch-all

Tuesday, Jan. 28

Today 20°, winds 9 mph, chance of snow 0%
Super Bowl 6:20 p.m. Sunday: 39°, winds 8 mph, chance of snow 20%

What’s Happening Today

10:30 a.m.: NEWARK—Thousands of reporters from around the globe descend upon Newark’s Prudential Center for everybody’s favorite Super Bowl staple: Media Day.

11 a.m. to 6 p.m.: MIDTOWN—The Puppy Bowl exhibit continues its six-day stay at the Discovery Center in Times Square. Watch the puppies practice before the big game, then participate in interactive activities including a puppy kissing both.

12 to 8 p.m.: NEWARK—Newark’s Largest Indoor Tailgate Party at the Newark Museum. Among the highlights: a chance to take a photograph with the original 1967 Vince Lombardi Trophy.

4 to 7 p.m.: CHELSEA WATERSIDE PARK—Celebrity chef Aaron Shanchez hosts a healthy cooking demo for 200 predominantly-Hispanic Youth. Then Hall-of-Famer Anthony Muñoz will chime in about the importance of exercise and a healthy diet.

7 p.m.: MIDTOWN—Green Bay’s Randall Cobb debuts on Broadway in the musical “Rock of Ages.” Detroit running back Joique Bell will appear in the Jan. 29 show and former Packer Ahman Green in the Feb. 1 matinee. Each player has cameo appearances throughout the show, including speaking lines. No word on their vocal abilities.

About Last Night

seahawks-suiteBROOKLYN — On Sunday, the Barclays Center received a request for a double-suite for Monday night’s NBA game between the Nets and Raptors. The Seahawks wanted to see some basketball while in town.

The suites were to be stocked with regular concession items, a high-level Barclays employee told The Snaffler. And there was one more request: extra Skittles. 

The group of nearly two dozen Seahawks, including quarterback Russell Wilson, arrived through the side-door entrance on Atlantic Avenue, a few minutes into the first quarter.

“We get a lot of VIPs here, and I’ll say these guys were really polite,” the security guard at the entrance told The Snaffler. “But they kept asking about food. They were told they would get $15 food vouchers, and they wanted to know what the deal was with that.” 

One Seahawk opted to sit courtside: The MMQB columnist and America’s new media darling, Richard Sherman. Before the second period, Brooklyn’s Jason Terry—a Seattle native—darted over to Sherman and gave the cornerback a big hug. After chatting for a bit with former Giant Michael Strahan, Sherman was shown on the Jumbotron and announced to the crowd. He waved and they roared.

After halftime, Sherman went to the suite to join his teammates, many of whom wore Brooklyn Nets fitted hats. They laughed, texted and cheered for the Nets—and reached often for the clear bowls of Skittles placed along the ledges.

The Boss Checks In

The MMQB Editor-in-Chief Peter King answers a couple Super Bowl-related emails from readers:

JOSH MCDANIELS APPRECIATION DAY. I take exception with your comment in Monday Morning Quarterback that Denver Broncos fans should thank Josh McDaniels. Sure, on the Broncos roster today are the six very quality players you mentioned, most notably Knowshon Moreno, Demaryius Thomas and Eric Decker. That is a good haul, but it is worth mentioning that McDaniels had FOUR first-round picks and FOUR second-round picks over the course of his two drafts. All told, McDaniels had 15 picks in the first five rounds of those two drafts, and 19 picks overall. The six players you mentioned are the only ones left on the team.

Josh McDaniels coached the Broncos in 2009 and was fired 12 games into the 2010 season. (David Eulitt/Getty Images)
Josh McDaniels coached the Broncos in 2009 and was fired 12 games into the 2010 season. (David Eulitt/Getty Images)

Yes, I am thrilled those six players are on the team. That said, McDaniels BLEW THIS FRANCHISE APART! Denver went from a proud franchise to a laughingstock because of him and his arrogance. I lived it every day here in Denver, and it was painful and a complete train wreck. 

Would Peyton Manning be here if things hadn’t completely fallen apart? Probably not. But “thank” McDaniels? I think not. Never. No way, no how.

—Brady in Denver

A laughingstock? Were you laughing the day the Patriots came to Denver and the Broncos won the game? Were you laughing when the Broncos beat the best defensive coach of his day, Dick LeBeau, in the playoffs on an 80-yard pass in OT—from a player whom McDaniels drafted to a player whom McDaniels drafted? Be serious. Josh McDaniels is thought of by fans like you as the reason the Broncos should have seceded from the NFL because it was such an ugly, terrible situation. McDaniels took the job less than five years ago. You’re in the Super Bowl now. Your receiving corps is led by two of the players he drafted. For the legion of Broncos fans who would crucify McDaniels, why is it so difficult to say, “You know what? McDaniels was too full of himself and I really hated him, but he left us with some really good players, players who in part helped the recruitment of Peyton Manning.”

SUPER BOWL SATURDAY. It seems that with the late kickoff and the two weeks between the conference championship games, it would be logical to play the Super Bowl on Saturday. Now that the NFL has moved the kickoff to 6:30 p.m. ET, the end of the game is rather late and the thought of going to work/school the next day dampens what could be an even greater occasion if it was played on Saturday. Your thoughts?

—Richard Kiedinger, Prosper, Tex.

The NFL’s argument for that is Sunday is a much more desirable television day than Saturday. I’ve always believed that whenever the Super Bowl is on, people will stay home and watch. I’ve never studied this. I’ve never researched it. It’s just my opinion. Having said all that, I don’t think the NFL is closed to the possibility of changing it. Ever year I hear more and more people talking about this. I do believe the NFL hears you.

The One-Question Interview

New Jersey native Eric LeGrand will attend Sunday's game cheering for the Broncos, a team he's rooted for since childhood. (Mel Evans/AP)
Eric LeGrand will attend the game and cheer for the Broncos, a team he’s loved since childhood. (Mel Evans/AP)

It’s a surreal week for former Rutgers defensive tackle Eric LeGrand. Thanks to a gracious gift, LeGrand will root for his beloved Broncos to win a Super Bowl in the stadium where, three years ago, he became paralyzed while making a tackle. LeGrand, of course, has made remarkable progress since then and is spending Super Bowl week promoting his foundation, Team LeGrand. The Snaffler caught up with the affable 23-year-old as he made his rounds on radio row.

THE SNAFFLER: Eric, you’re a New Jersey guy. What’s one thing everyone should know about New Jersey?

LEGRAND: We have great pizza. When you talk about the food that New York has, you can’t forget the New Jersey pizza. It’s amazing. On top of that, a lot of people think of us as the armpit of the country. But we got a lot of tough guys here, and I love it.

Seahawks Fan of the Day

 Nets guard and Seattle native, Jason Terry

Jason Terry (Nathaniel S. Butler/Getty Images)
Jason Terry (Nathaniel S. Butler/Getty Images)

“I’ve been a die-hard fan since I was 2 years old,” he said. “In ’05 they had an opportunity and let it slip away. This time they’re serious, they mean business and they’re going to win.”

Terry, 36, won’t be heading to the Meadowlands for Super Sunday. Instead he’s sending his mother.

“Got her a ticket, flying her out from Seattle,” Terry said. “She’s been to both playoff games and she feels like she’s the lucky charm.”

Terry’s Super Bowl XLVIII prediction: Seattle 28, Denver 24.

“The difference is going to be our defense,” he said. “We’re going to hold them to zero points in the fourth quarter.”

The Read-Option

Here are five NFL stories you’ll be taking about today: 

1. Monday Morning MD (By Dr. David Chao, National Football Post)
The medical preparations for Super Bowl XLVIII is much more complicated than for a typical NFL regular season or playoff game.

2. A Tale of Two Cities (By Bill Barnwell, Grantland)
What happens when the Broncos’ historic offense faces off against the Seahawks’ immovable defense

3. Jay Glazer: The NFL’s Biggest Bomb Thrower (By Drew Magary, GQ)
How’d you get the Spygate video? “C’mon, fu—-. Are you gonna do a profile, or are you gonna ask these bullshit questions?” 

4. Super Bowl Already Putting Big Pressure on a Weatherman (By Marc Santora, New York Times)
Who will be the Joe Montana of weather forecasting this week? 

5. Seahawks fandom alive in Tri-Cities (By Geoff Folson, Tri-City Herald)
This 12th Man-inspired tattoo (on the head of mega-Seattle fan McKenzie Jane Brown) is totally rad.

More coverage from The MMQB including:

Last X-Man Standing (By Robert Klemko)
Broncos linebacker Paris Lenon, the last active NFL player from the XFL (!), has followed a tortuous route from nowhere to the middle of it all

What You Don’t Know About the Men Playing in Super Bowl XLVIII (By Emily Kaplan)
The MMQB called high school and college coaches to pull back the curtain on 14 players—Broncos and Seahawks—as they step into football’s brightest spotlight

Monday Morning Quarterback: Now It Gets Real (By Peter King)
It was Touch-Down—not Touchdown—Sunday, as the Seahawks and Broncos arrived in New Jersey to launch Super Bowl week. But if you thought Richard Sherman was going to step off the plane making headlines, think again. Lots about the next seven days will be crazy, but it’s safe to say he won’t be

Sights and Sounds

While reporters flocked to New Jersey for the Broncos and Seahawks’ first Super Bowl practices, The Snaffler journeyed to the Discovery Center in Times Square for a less-publicized—but equally important—training session: The first Puppy Bowl practice.


It’s the Puppy Bowl’s 10th anniversary, and one of the event’s best traditions is having puppies predict the Super Bowl winner. Organizers place two bowls of treats, each representing one team, and allow the puppies to choose. This year’s choice? The Broncos*.

*It should be noted the puppy picked San Francisco last year.