Gus Bradley, Why Aren’t You Playing Blake Bortles?

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When Russell Wilson was drafted,  the Seahawks had signed Matt Flynn and were planning on Flynn being the starter...until Wilson looked great in pre-season and showed he belonged at the NFL level.

Bortles has looked excellent this pre-season.  I realize its only preseason..but the stage isnt too big for him, he looks composed and has made great NFL caliber throws. Just like Russel Wilson did

The difference is , the Seahawks and Pete Carrol weren't SCARED to embrace the future. 

They knew the rookie was was time to play him

Leave it to the Jags to embrace the suck as long as they possibly can.  


And that is why the Jaguars will suck this year. I'm not a Bortles fan by any extreme but if you're not going to make the Playoffs this year and going to have a losing record, you need to start the 3rd pick of the draft. Simple as that.