Tweet of the DayToday's @Bengals winning OT field goal was likely enabled by a 1/3-in deflection to the right, caused by Earth’s Rotation. @neiltyson

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Why Jim Brown Matters

To his football heirs—from Barry Sanders to Adrian Peterson—he’s the one player by which their own greatness is measured. To those who played with and against the Cleveland Browns legend, his prowess, intensity and intellect remain awe-inspiring. Fifty years after walking away from the game at his peak, he still towers over the NFL. Yes, he was just that good

How Daily Fantasy Is Changing the Game

Seven-figure paydays, complex statistical algorithms, congressional inquiries, suspicions of insider info, and yes, all those advertisements. Daily Fantasy Football’s main competitors—FanDuel and DraftKings—are now entwined with the NFL experience. But with multiple controversies converging at once, will it stay that way?

Ed Werder and His Family: The Hard News

Ed Werder has become a fixture in the NFL while covering stories for ESPN. The news away from his job—concerning his daughter and her husband—has been much tougher to handle

Generation DFS

A visit to a small New England college campus offered a snapshot of the novice daily fantasy football player, and illustrated the reasons administrators and parents are concerned about students playing DFS

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Preseason Team-by-Team Analysis

Fixing Colin Kaepernick

The 49ers’ QB has fundamental flaws in his game. If he can’t take the next step, he may end up joining the mass exodus in San Francisco

What Suh Will Do for Fins

The next Albert Haynesworth? Highly unlikely. Big-ticket free agent Ndamukong Suh should be worth every penny... as long as the Dolphins let him do what he does best

The Evolution of the Saints Passing Game

Jimmy Graham is gone, and while many won't admit it Drew Brees’ arm strength is starting to tail off. Their roster changes hint at the inevitable: The Saints plan to move away from the vertical passing game that has defined the Payton-Brees era

Chicago’s New Regime Should Rely on an Old Stalwart

Matt Forte has been the Bears’ best offensive player for seven straight seasons, and don’t expect new coach John Fox and coordinator Adam Gase to deviate from that in 2015. Get ready for the veteran running back to be QB Jay Cutler's best friend in a revamped, quick-strike scheme

Transcending ‘The Catch’

One play defined Odell Beckham Jr.’s rookie season in a big way. The rest of his game is about to make him more than a superstar

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The Fine Fifteen: In Praise of an Ageless Star

Let’s take a moment to appreciate Charles Woodson, who picked off fellow 1998 first-rounder Peyton Manning twice for the Raiders in Week 5 and is making his case as the best defensive back in NFL history. Plus, the latest power rankings

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Believe in the Bengals

Cincinnati is 5-0 for the first time in Marvin Lewis’s 13-year tenure. Pessimists will still point to the franchise’s recent playoff futility, but the true measure of growth isn’t just wins and losses

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Debacle in Detroit

How have the Lions gone from playoff team to, through five weeks, the NFL’s worst? It’s the players, of course

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Weekend Watch: Week 5

Peter King's three games to keep an eye on this week: Seattle will face a tough test against a surging Andy Dalton at Cincinnati, Atlanta meets a challenge hosting Washington's defensive front and Jacksonville has to start playing well this week against Tampa to they are making progress in Bradley's regime

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Thanks for the Jeers

Bothered by boos in his own city this summer, Andy Dalton has started the 2015 season as one of the NFL’s hottest quarterbacks. Here’s why his success might carry into January. Plus, 10 things to watch in Week 5

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Generation DFS

A visit to a small New England college campus offers a snapshot of the novice daily fantasy football player, and illustrates the reasons administrators and parents are concerned about students playing DFS

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The Time I Met . . .

A chance run-in with an NFL hero is a story destined to be passed down for generations. From getting tips from a Hall of Fame QB on how to build a snow fort to chasing down a three-time Super Bowl winner with his hands full at the Miami airport, fans told us their best yarns about their brush with greatness