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The MMQB on Super Bowl 50

Jerry Richardson: the Player

Winning an NFL title alongside Johnny Unitas and Raymond Berry on the 1959 Colts taught the future Panthers boss patience, team-building and—oh, yeah—how to put that championship bonus money to good use

Timmy Smith: One Big Game, One Big Regret

A surprise start in the biggest game of a rookie’s life led to a blowout and a rushing record that stands to this day. But the Washington running back was out of the NFL two years later and eventually found himself on the wrong side of the law, watching the Super Bowl from behind bars

In Chicago, It’s Forever 1985

Three decades after the Bears stamped their mark on history and brought home Chicago’s only Lombardi Trophy, the city remains obsessed with the team and its characters—and nobody seems in much hurry to move on

The Birth of a Dynasty and the Death of a Dome

Thirty-four years ago, the Silverdome hosted Super Bowl XVI and the 49ers began their decade of dominance. With the Detroit stadium now in ruins, let’s look back at how San Francisco began its run—complete with shadowboxing coaches, bellhop disguises and players getting 'Physical’—and the fate of the venue where it all started

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The MMQB’s Greatest Hits

Ed Werder and His Family: The Hard News

Ed Werder has become a fixture in the NFL while covering stories for ESPN. The news away from his job—concerning his daughter and her husband—has been much tougher to handle

A Better Man, the Better Way

A member of the Dolphins’ famed Killer B’s and the 1983 NFL defensive player of the year, Doug Betters suffered a catastrophic injury on the ski slopes that left him paralyzed from the torso down. Being in a wheelchair changed him—but not his adventurous way of life in the wilds of Montana

Sweetness and the Scout

Relentlessness. Intensity. Hard-headed commitment. The qualities that Chargers scouting director Kevin Kelly looks for in a prospect are the same he saw in his mentor, Walter Payton, with whom he struck up an unlikely friendship on a fateful night in an empty gym as an awestruck teenager

Why Jim Brown Matters

To his football heirs—from Barry Sanders to Adrian Peterson—he’s the one player by which their own greatness is measured. To those who played with and against the Cleveland Browns legend, his prowess, intensity and intellect remain awe-inspiring. Fifty years after walking away from the game at his peak, he still towers over the NFL. Yes, he was just that good

Breaking Real Bad: Inside the Sam Hurd Drug Case

On Nov. 13, former Cowboys and Bears receiver Sam Hurd faced possible life in prison for drug trafficking. Was he the cocaine kingpin the government made him out to be, or the victim of an overzealous prosecution and excessively harsh narcotics laws? An exclusive 22-month investigation reveals how it all went wrong for one of the NFL’s most promising and well-liked young talents—and why there was more to Hurd’s downfall than we were led to believe

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From the Depths, Von Miller Reaches the Top

Selected one spot behind Cam Newton in 2011, the Broncos defender hit bottom two years ago and missed out on Super Bowl 48. Now, after outplaying his ’11 draft counterpart in Super Bowl 50, he’s solidified his status as a franchise player. Next up: one massive off-season payday

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‘We Read Them Like a Book’

Defensive coordinator Wade Phillips and his unit utilized ‘green-dog’ blitzes and an extra lineman to overwhelm Cam Newton and a Panthers offense that had no answers in Super Bowl 50

Monday Morning Quarterback

A Super Bowl Sunset

In the twilight of his career, Peyton Manning wasn’t the man in Denver’s Super Bowl 50 win, but he didn’t need to be. The defense dismantled the Panthers, which left the Broncos QB ‘at peace’ as he weighs retirement. Plus an inside look at the Hall of Fame vote and more from Santa Clara

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The Denver D Crushed It

On a night when Peyton Manning won for what may be the last time, it was Von Miller, DeMarcus Ware and the rest the marauding defense that made the difference in the Super Bowl 50 win over the Panthers

The MMQB Podcast

The MMQB Podcast: Super Bowl Special

Robert Mays takes the MMQB Podcast on the road to radio row in Santa Clara, Calif. to get the inside scoop on each of the teams entering Super Bowl 50, including discussions with Jonathan Jones, the Charlotte Observer beat writer for the Panthers, and Lindsey Jones, an NFL writer for USA Today with some inside knowledge on the Broncos