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A QB and His Game Plan, Part I: Five Days to Learn 171 Plays

Carson Palmer and the Arizona Cardinals allowed The MMQB inside the installation of the game plan for their Week 8 meeting with the Browns. How does a QB absorb and apply so much complexity—nearly 200 plays, plus all of their possible permutations and adjustments—in less than a week? Commitment and confidence help—and so does virtual reality

A QB and His Game Plan, Part II: Virtual Reality Meets Reality

Time to see how Carson Palmer’s days of preparation, including the use of a VR headset as study tool, played out against the Browns in Week 8—when the Cardinals’ 171-play game plan ran headlong into a live opponent and real-life conditions in Cleveland

Jason Witten: The Toughest Cowboy

The veteran tight end is six receptions short of joining the NFL’s alltime elite, but stats have never defined one of the Cowboys’ alltime greats

Benjamin Watson Goes Deep

You might look at the Saints’ tight end and see only a black man playing football. But Watson is a newly published author—and so much more—who is trying to change deep-rooted beliefs about race

The Essence of Seattle

Famously silent, Marshawn Lynch has always let his play speak for itself. But a subpar, injury-plagued season has Seahawks fans talking about the 29-year-old’s future and his true value for a struggling team

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Ed Werder and His Family: The Hard News

Ed Werder has become a fixture in the NFL while covering stories for ESPN. The news away from his job—concerning his daughter and her husband—has been much tougher to handle

Sweetness and the Scout

Relentlessness. Intensity. Hard-headed commitment. The qualities that Chargers scouting director Kevin Kelly looks for in a prospect are the same he saw in his mentor, Walter Payton, with whom he struck up an unlikely friendship on a fateful night in an empty gym as an awestruck teenager

Why Jim Brown Matters

To his football heirs—from Barry Sanders to Adrian Peterson—he’s the one player by which their own greatness is measured. To those who played with and against the Cleveland Browns legend, his prowess, intensity and intellect remain awe-inspiring. Fifty years after walking away from the game at his peak, he still towers over the NFL. Yes, he was just that good

Breaking Real Bad: Inside the Sam Hurd Drug Case

On Nov. 13, former Cowboys and Bears receiver Sam Hurd faced possible life in prison for drug trafficking. Was he the cocaine kingpin the government made him out to be, or the victim of an overzealous prosecution and excessively harsh narcotics laws? An exclusive 22-month investigation reveals how it all went wrong for one of the NFL’s most promising and well-liked young talents—and why there was more to Hurd’s downfall than we were led to believe

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Sorry, Seahawks: The Refs Didn’t Blow Super Bowl XL—You Did

As the Steelers and Seahawks are set to renew their Super Bowl XL rivalry this weekend, a Black and Gold fan living in Seattle lays out a completely objective forensic analysis of that controversial championship matchup from a decade ago and concludes that the 12s should stop their whining. What say you, Seattle?

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Turkey Day in Detroit: A History

The Lions have hosted NFL football on Thanksgiving Day nearly every year for eight decades. Here’s a look back with one longtime Lions beat writer, in words and pictures

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Fantasy Check: Week 12

John DePetro and SI.Com's Andrew Perloff share fantasy advice for Week 12. The best replacements for the many injured running backs andwhether to start Brady or sit him against Denver's defense

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The Pupil is Prospering

Ten games into his first season, Jameis Winston has nearly eliminated turnovers and led Tampa to a 5-5 mark. Unsurprised by the QB’s success: Jimbo Fisher. Plus Thanksgiving analysis and 10 things to watch Sunday 

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The Manziel Mistake

More partying from the quarterback led to a third-team demotion and perhaps the end of Johnny Football in Cleveland. Why it’s the wrong move for the Browns, plus a surprise AFC team to watch and answering email 

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Brock's Beginning

Peter King takes a look at Brock Osweiler's performance in the Broncos' Week 11 win over the Chicago Bears

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The Game’s Tragic Toll

A look at the circumstances surrounding the deaths of 11 high school football players in 2015 reveals a range of causes, some directly related to on-field incidents, some less clearly so. What is not in doubt is the heartbreaking loss to families, teammates and communities