The Tale of Tom Brady and Johnny Foxborough

He’s won four Super Bowls, two league MVPs, and will be a first-ballot Hall of Famer. So why does Bill Belichick regularly compare his star player to the high school quarterback just down the street?

The Five Myths of NFL Relocations

The Chargers are planning to join the Rams in L.A. and the Raiders are eyeing Vegas. Here’s why the NFL landscape is changing so much—and how fans factor into the negotiations

The Mixed Messages in Pittsburgh

Mike Tomlin told his team to keep a low profile while wideout Antonio Brown broadcast the coach’s fiery, profane speech live on Facebook. What does it all mean for the Steelers going forward?

The Divisional Round Awards

On Aaron Rodger's miraculous 35-yard pass, Le'Veon Bell's Steph Curry-like quest, Mason Crosby's two 50-plus yard field goals and Dion Lewis' one-of-a-kind performance

Final Four Looks Fantastic

New England. Pittsburgh. Atlanta. Green Bay. How did they get here? Let’s start with the best throw of Aaron Rodgers’ life, and also get into five new head coaches, one messy franchise relocation and the birth of a new King

How Aaron Rodgers Raised His Game

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The Cowboys’ (Draft) Class Is Showing

It goes beyond Dak and Zeke. Dallas opens its playoffs with as promising a group of rookies as it’s had in years—and a championship window that once more is wide open

The Monster Matchups of the Divisional Round

Everything you need to know about this weekend’s games. Plus, listener mail including some second-guessing of the Cowboys’ draft, Raiders’ offseason plans, special teamers in the Hall of Fame, and why everyone freaks out about these Aaron Rodgers Hail Marys

Chargers Reluctantly Ready to Relocate to Los Angeles

The clock ran out, so with no other viable alternatives, the Chargers are expected to head north and join the Rams in L.A. Here’s a look inside the decision. Plus notes on two new coaches, the Patriots’ health and more