Football’s Next Frontier: The Battle Over Big Data

NFL players have signed a five-year deal with WHOOP, a biometric performance company that measures workout strain, recovery, and quality of sleep via a wearable band. If teams want to see the data, they’re going to have to pay up . . . but they won’t be the only customers

The NFL’s 10 Best Cornerbacks

Apparently the players themselves get fired up about these things, so have a listen to our countdown of football’s 10-best cornerbacks and let your emotions get the best of you

The NFL's Optimism Season

Our guest columnist checks on some positive vibes emanating from New Orleans, Buffalo and Minnesota, among other places. Plus a closer look at Derek Carr’s contract, a former player gets sweaty in retirement and more

What Happened To Washington's Ray McDonald?

Washington's first-round pick in the 1967 NFL draft had loads of potential, but showing up late to a player meeting cost him his job at the beginning of his third season in the league. A flurry of factors—a long-time Achilles' tendon injury and the fact that he was gay—prevented him from ever playing in the NFL again.

Parting Thoughts

Emily Kaplan is leaving SI and joining ESPN to cover hockey. Before she turns in her playbook, she shares her favorite MMQB moments 

Derek Carr’s Deal: Evolutionary, not Revolutionary

A blockbuster five-year, $125 million extension makes Raiders quarterback Derek Carr the highest-paid player—for now. The real game-changing QB deals—for Cousins, Stafford, Winston and Mariota—are still on the horizon

Colin Kaepernick Needs To Let His Voice Be Heard

Silent all offseason, the unemployed quarterback has created a vacuum that is being filled with tweets, opinions and teams wondering just how committed he is. Here's why Kaepernick should speak up. Plus notes on the rookie QBs, Derek Carr’s contract and the NFL link to the NBA champ

The Playoff Bowl: The Worst Kind of Garbage Time

For a decade, the NFL staged an exhibition to determine third place. Vince Lombardi famously called it “a hinky-dink game,” while others just labeled it the Losers’ Bowl or the Toilet Bowl. But it still played a significant role in shaping the sports landscape of the 1960s

The Greatest Player Who Never Was

Joe Don Looney came to the NFL as a generational talent, a first-round pick despite being dismissed from his college team. He left a legacy of frustrated coaches, barroom brawls and constant disappointment. And when it was over, he embarked on a post-football life like no other

On Randy Moss, Equality and Commencement Speeches

How the Vikings went from ‘the biggest mistake they ever made’ to now honoring their former mercurial receiver, with the help of an old friend. Plus more on NFL team leadership progress, a stunning Colin Kaepernick stat and the wise words heard at college graduation ceremonies this year

A Second Chance for a First-Round Bust

Why getting traded to Detroit could salvage Greg Robinson’s career. Plus, the Dolphins get the vote out, Osweiler takes a veiled shot at his old coaches, and why Eddie Lacy’s weigh-in would be reality TV gold