Vegas Raiders? Get Ready

One potential road block to leaving Oakland has been made workable by the NFL, a source tells The MMQB on the eve of the league’s annual owner meetings in Phoenix. Plus reader mail on ALS, Tony Romo and much more

Reuben Foster, Inside and Outside the Lines

His immense talent—the best linebacker of the Saban era at Alabama—is offset by a litany of off-the-field questions, underlined by his infamous dismissal from the combine two weeks ago. Now the question: Where and when will Foster come off the board on draft night?

When NFL Contracts Want a Pound of Flesh

Eddie Lacy’s deal with the Seahawks is tied to weight clauses, which often end up doing more harm than good. Plus, the slow crawl of free agency, the NFL’s unused cap space, a potential Marshawn Lynch trade, the wisdom of DeMarcus Ware and more

Dwight Clark Has ALS

The former 49er, famous for making ‘The Catch,’ stunned the football community Sunday when he announced he has the incurable disease. Plus the Beast Mode-Raiders rumor, a bad free-agency trend and more

An Examination of What Went Wrong in Washington

A closer look into GM Scot McCloughan’s firing reveals three incidents involving players that led to strained relationships and the return of organizational chaos in D.C. Plus items on labor peace, Vegas and more

Meet The Protector

Obsessed with equipment and willing to take some hits along the way, a self-taught tinkerer became the go-to guy for some of the NFL’s biggest stars when it comes to a crucial piece of equipment: shoulder pads

Kaepernick and RG3: Is There Anything Left?

Colin Kaepernick and Robert Griffin III changed the quarterback position in 2012 and seemed destined to dominate for years, but their magic turned out to be fleeting. Now free agents facing a soft market, both could be out of football this fall

10 Thoughts on Free Agency

Moneyball comes to the NFL, fullbacks are getting paid and the Cowboys are in a tough spot with Tony Romo’s salary-cap hit. Plus a look at the “golden-ticket” winners, the barely there guarantees for some veterans, and the latest dysfunction in Washington