How to Stop Von Miller in Five (Not-So-Simple) Steps

It’s hard to find recent evidence of teams neutralizing the Broncos’ devastating QB disrupter, but Pittsburgh and Cleveland got it done last year. Here’s a look at the secret formula against one of the league’s premier defensive forces

Serious Sunday Style

Laying out some game day gear for NFL fans looking to skip the standard jersey, hat and face paint. Plus custom cigars and college football decor

Drew Bledsoe and the Hit That Changed Everything

Fifteen years ago, a hard shot from a Jets linebacker knocked Patriots quarterback Drew Bledsoe out of commission. In stepped an untested second-year QB from Michigan, and the rest is history. Here, Bledsoe opens up about how his life and his legacy were changed that day

The CBA at Halfway, Part I

The 10-year collective bargaining agreement signed in 2011 changed the landscape of the NFL. At the midway point, we analyze just how it has affected the shifting power balance between owners and players

Don’t Reach for the Panic Button in Washington

Jay Gruden defends Kirk Cousins after the Redskins’ 0-2 start: “There’s no reason to go crazy and say the quarterback’s no good.” Plus a look at the Vikings, Bills, Steelers and more going into Week 3

DeShone Kizer and the Fraternity of the Golden Dome QB

It’s been a while since the Notre Dame pedigree mattered for an NFL quarterback; the last star QB to come out of South Bend was Joe Montana 37 years ago. Former Fighting Irish signal callers weighed in on the pressures of South Bend, and why Kizer might be the one to break the NDQB drought

The Pride of Pennsylvania

A matchup of unbeaten teams, and two similarly physical passers, headlines the Week 3 slate. Here are four reasons why Steelers-Eagles will be compelling theater on Sunday in Philadelphia. Plus reader email

Brandon Marshall talks Jets and Career Regrets

A conversation with the New York Jets receiver about his tempestuous career, the importance of mental fitness, changes he wants to see in the league before he retires, and post-football plans. Plus, Marshall issues an apology to a former Denver teammate

You Want the Truth?

With nemesis Odell Beckham Jr. up next, Josh Norman continues to catch flak for not shadowing No. 1 receivers. For starters, he’s not the coach—and 10 other truths to consider before forming an opinion

Taking Stock of Our Stars

Two seasons ago, Marshawn Lynch was vilified for not talking to reporters. Now Colin Kaepernick is being treated the same way for speaking out. Who do we want our athletes to be?

Jacoby Brissett and the Tale of One Snap

Here’s the unlikely story of how Bill Parcells, a mentor to the Patriots’ rookie quarterback, bestowed Brissett with a nickname that foretold his future. Plus how teams rank after Week 2

Storybook Start for Bradford

The Vikings opened their new stadium against an old rival, and new quarterback Sam Bradford delivered. Plus all of the Week 2 details, including analysis of the Pats’ QB situation, L.A.’s big return and more