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For Rookies, The New Deal

From organizations turning down team-friendly option years to rookies turning down agents altogether, slotted rookie contracts continue to change the business landscape for young players. Plus, thoughts on Sam Bradford

Last Thoughts on the Draft

Although it is a convenient narrative, the bong video was not the sole reason for Laremy Tunsil’s slide. Plus, notes on John Elway, Sam Bradford's trade request, and the medical side of the draft

What the Heck Are the Eagles Up To at Quarterback?

Yet another blockbuster draft trade with a quarterback in sight—but this time Philadelphia, the team making the big move up, already has two newly signed QBs. Does this deal make any sense for the Eagles? Plus thoughts on the Rams-Titans trade

‘Not Perfect, But Fair’

Monday’s Appeals Court ruling endorsing the settlement of the concussion lawsuit may finally put a seal on the long legal battle and bring relief to suffering former players

The Kaepernick Triangle

A look at the quarterback’s bid to get out of San Francisco, and why the defending champs hold all the cards. Plus, D’Brickashaw Ferguson, Calvin Johnson and the difference between ‘early retirement’ and ‘voluntary retirement’

Agentless in Denver

Former Seahawks tackle Russell Okung negotiated his own free-agent deal with the Broncos, learning the hard way that there’s a difference between "Show me the money!" and "Guarantee me the money!"

Osweiler Sets the Market

Brock Osweiler’s $18 million-per-year deal with the Texans will play into where Ryan Fitzpatrick ends up, plus more takeaways from a hectic first day of NFL free agency

The Illusions of NFL Money

Whether it’s the salary cap or player contracts, the dollars behind the deals flying around the league this week shouldn’t be taken at face value. Here’s why, plus a look at how three quarterbacks recently got paid

Another Deflategate Day in Court

On Thursday, New York City’s 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals hears arguments from the NFL and NFLPA in regards to Tom Brady’s dismissed suspension. Here’s what to expect

Goodell, 10 Years Later

Roger Goodell is closing in on a full decade as NFL commissioner. A look at the policies that have defined his tenure, and why, despite a rocky public perception, he has staying power

The Manning-Favre Exit

Great quarterbacks often go out less than willingly. Peyton Manning, however, has the chance to leave on his own accord like another all-timer did—at least, temporarily

Two Unique Contracts for Two Super Bowl QBs

A year ago, Cam Newton and Peyton Manning both found themselves in unusual contract situations. Plus, the cap ramifications of Calvin Johnson’s (possible) retirement, the Chargers’ decision to stay (for now), and the new Thursday Night Football broadcast split

The (Andrew) Luck Factor in Super Bowl 50

If not for his decision to stay at Stanford in 2011, the Super Bowl’s Golden Anniversary would likely feature QBs other than Cam Newton and Peyton Manning ... plus, a look at front offices in late January

Pay for Playoffs? Not Much

Despite the importance of postseason games, players earn an absurdly small fraction of what they make during the regular season. It’s the opposite of how almost every other business is run. And it’s also part of the motivation behind the owners’ push for expanded playoffs