business of football

While They Squabble, the Billions Pour In

The Packers’ annual financial report is the only public peek into the NFL’s books, and this year’s summary revealed some eye-popping numbers for a league battling crises at every turn. Plus, why the denial of Tom Brady’s appeal was not a surprise and what’s next in the never-ending Deflategate saga

The Curious Case of Sam Bradford’s Contract

The Eagles had a chance to leverage an extension when they traded for him, but didn’t. What does it mean for the future?

The Conversation the NFL Does Not Want to Have

Is the spate of surprising retirements by 49ers players this offseason an outlier or the start of a trend? The league hopes it's the former because it's unprepared to deal with the latter. Plus, thoughts on the NFL's antiquated stance on gambling

Easy Math for Rookies

Simplifying the contracts of first-year players has had unintended consequences, especially for agents. Plus, five thoughts on Cam Newton’s new deal and the ultimate irony of Adrian Peterson’s Twitter rant

The Appeal of Greg Hardy

The NFL responded to its domestic violence problem with new hires and a new conduct policy. But as Greg Hardy seeks to have his 10-game suspension reduced, the same old decisions are being made by general managers. Just look at the signings of Frank Clark in Seattle and Ray McDonald in Chicago

The Brady Appeal: What’s Next in Deflategate Drama

Tired of the lawyerspeak this NFL offseason? Well, hang on a little longer. The union’s appeal of Tom Brady’s four-game suspension is next on the docket, with Judge Roger Goodell presiding. Here’s what to expect this summer

It’s the New Discipline

Why the NFL came down hard on the Pats, what it means for Roger Goodell to potentially lose a powerful ally in Robert Kraft, and the impact on Tom Brady’s legacy

Yes, It’s a Big Deal

While the details seem trivial and even comic, the violations in the Wells report strike at the heart of the league’s watchwords—integrity and competitive balance. The implications for Tom Brady and the Patriots are serious

Draft Weekend Lingers On

A top-15 pick falls out of the draft (because he wants to), Jameis loses a contract battle and the game’s best running back tries a new negotiating tactic. It was a wild weekend even by draft standards. Here are four business storylines to keep an eye on as the offseason trudges on

Back in the Line of Fire

As the NFL works to repair its image, Roger Goodell will step back into the national spotlight at the draft. He could benefit from showing a softer side, but vulnerability and human frailty aren’t part of the commissioner’s job description

The Stars May Align for Blockbuster Trades

With Adrian Peterson and Philip Rivers, we might see two high-profile trades that make sense for all four teams ... plus, five thoughts on Tim Tebow going to Philly

The Dallas Cowboys Have Done It Again

Once ruled by emotion and impulse, the Cowboys finally appeared to be making sound decisions. Then they signed Greg Hardy, restructured Tony Romo’s contract and who knows what could happen next?

On Hardy, Borland and a Hyperactive Offseason

Making some sense of Greg Hardy’s contract with the Cowboys, Chris Borland’s preemptive retirement and the rest of the news from Week 2 of the league year

De Smith Stays. Will Anything Change?

Despite vocal discontent from a host of challengers, DeMaurice Smith has been re-elected for another three years as the NFLPA’s boss. Will the players’ lot, or union-league relations, improve?

The Salary Cap Myth, and More Insights Into Deal-Making Season

In the right hands, the cap can be a useful tool for managing rosters—or a useful excuse for getting rid of an unwanted player. Plus, thoughts on Larry Fitzgerald’s contract savvy and the leverage of Los Angeles stadium plans

The Hardy Conundrum

His court case ultimately dismissed, Greg Hardy must now face NFL justice for a domestic violence conviction that the North Carolina legal system overturned. How will he be punished? And who’s making that decision?