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The NFL Dysfunction Rankings

While five unbeatens dominate the power rankings, five other erstwhile contenders are plagued by discord and dissent. Let’s put that chaos in order

‘I’d Rather Walk Away Early Than Limp Away Late’

Long before Chris Borland retired from the NFL at age 24, Vikings running back Robert Smith took a pass on untold millions to preserve his health. He gives The MMQB an inside look at the league’s risk-reward paradigm, and what it takes to leave the game in your prime

‘Joy Wells up in My Heart’

The Super Bowl returns to Glendale for the first time since 2008, when David Tyree entered NFL lore with The Helmet Catch. He’s not in Arizona this week, but the former Giants wideout relives the moment with fans nearly every day

Deflategate: Some Perspective, Please?

In a season like no other in NFL history, I’ve come down with a serious case of controversy fatigue. Let’s all take a deep breath and exhale. This doesn’t rise to the level of threatening the integrity of the game in any lasting way

America’s Team is Back

The dynastic days of the ’70s and ’90s are long gone, but the Dallas Cowboys are winning again and that makes them impossible to ignore

A Good Year for the Bills

Buffalo missed the playoffs for a league-high 15th consecutive season, but there was so much to celebrate: Jim Kelly’s beating cancer, the team staying in Western New York, and key victories that proved these aren’t the same old Bills

Staring Down a Disaster

How bad is the NFC South? How broken is the playoff format? In one scenario, the NFL could have its first division champ with 10 or more losses and its first 12-win team miss the postseason. It’s time for common sense to trump tradition

Restoring Ray Rice

For the disgraced former Ravens running back, the reality of returning to football relevance might be out of the question. But restoring his name off the field, where at one time he was lauded for his passion to help people, can still be achieved

On A Run and Loving It

As the NFL skews more and more toward fantasy-fueled aerial madness, the offenses that stay grounded are the ones piling up the wins. Just look at Dallas

Who Doesn’t Like a Tie?

So Carolina and Cincinnati played five quarters and failed to come up with a winner. It’s not the end of football, and no drastic measures need to be taken—in fact, draws can spice up a season

Hubris and Hogwash

Mark Cuban was scoffed and sneered at for warning the NFL about the perils of arrogance. His words now look prophetic as the mighty league has been made vulnerable by player misdeeds and the failures of leadership

His Job Is Safe, His Credibility Is Shot

Two years ago, Roger Goodell told the Saints that ignorance was not a suitable defense in the Bountygate scandal. In the wake of the second Ray Rice video, the NFL commissioner is using that same defense. His credibility is slipping away

Keep Doing the Right Thing, Roger

Roger Goodell admitted making a mistake with Ray Rice’s mere two-game ban and readdressed the league’s policy on domestic violence. But that’s not the only part of the NFL commissioner’s kingdom that needs a course change

Lose the Legacy Talk

Legacy. It's all anyone seems to want to talk about regarding Peyton Manning, and whether his place in history will be diminished if he loses to the Seahawks this weekend. Just stop. In victory or defeat, it's Manning's comeback just to get to this point, and his remarkable body of work, that will seal his place in history

Patience Is a Virtue in the Head Coach Hunt

It's rare that the Browns get credit for taking the smart approach, but they're doing it right when it comes to finding Rob Chudzinski's replacement. The NFL's coaching carousel spins fast. Too fast. And now it's time for the league to make changes to help the hiring teams that can't help themselves

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