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It’s About More than Me

Feels great to be back on the biggest stage—more established, a little more grown up—with my Legion of Boom brothers. Above all, these past 12 months have shown me that we have the power, and the duty, to shape our own destinies

Stardom Doesn’t Change Where You’re From

Amid reports of gang ties, the Eagles cut DeSean Jackson. I grew up with him. I believe him to be a good person. I also know why NFL players from inner-city neighborhoods like mine in L.A. keep friends from when we were nobodies

What a Year. What a Team. What’s Next.

Life in the NFL is about tunnel vision, but forgive me for a moment while I step back, reflect on an incredible 2013 and appreciate our Super Bowl win and the teammates with whom I reached the pinnacle. We may not all be together much longer, after all

A Love Letter to Coach Carroll

He saw it in me before anyone else—the ability to be a shutdown corner—when I was still in high school. But even though I didn't wind up playing for Pete Carroll at USC, I'm sure glad I am now. If you're looking for reasons the Seahawks are in the Super Bowl, start with him. And it's not just his game plans, either

The 13th Man

'Next man up' might be an overused sports cliché, but it's also the reason my Seahawks are going to beat the 49ers. Meet my defensive backfield partner Byron Maxwell, whose strong play has us on the brink of Super Bowl XLVIII

The NFL's Smartest QBs

Watching film and putting on pads makes players appreciate others who do the same every week. These five quarterbacks all stand out to me on film as being the most intelligent at their craft. Didn't make the list? Don't be mad, bro

The Cold Truth

The Super Bowl should showcase the best of the NFL, but that can’t happen in a blizzard. Who wants to watch QBs fumble snaps and receivers slip and slide all over the place? Wintry elements favor teams that can run the ball and play suffocating defense. So the more I think about it, let it snow!

Welcome to My League

Imagine Richard Sherman taking over Roger Goodell's job as NFL commissioner. What would the Seattle Seahawks cornerback’s reign look like? For one, the interests of the guys in pads would be paramount

We Chose This Profession

Football is a dangerous, violent way to make a living. Players know that—now more than ever—and are willing to live with the risks. So don’t try to water down what’s best about the game

We Compete Against Ourselves

How do you avoid a letdown after a huge win? By holding yourself to the same standard of preparation and commitment, no matter who lines up across from you

Next Man Up

The shock when a veteran leader like Michael Robinson is cut lasts only a moment—to succeed in this league you’ve got to block out sentiment and focus on the job in front of you

Pay Us for the Preseason!

It's a necessary evil, and the risks—injuries that could cost a player his livelihood—are considerable. The least owners can do is open their wallets and give us peace of mind

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