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The Most Evolved QB

Ben Roethlisberger is the only player of his era to dominate as both a sandlot-style playmaker and a cerebral field general

Big Shoes to Fill

With training camps a month away, a number of teams are staring down roster problems that opened up this offseason. The 12 most problematic roster holes that opened this offseason, and how each team plans to address them

Vinny Curry: Gonna Fly Now

The Eagles pass rusher was underused last season. But considering his performance in limited snaps—and Philly’s transition to a simplified 4-3 defense—Curry is setting up to be one of 2016’s breakout stars

Why the Jets Need Fitz, and Fitz Needs the Jets

As it stands, Geno Smith would be the Jets’ starter if Ryan Fitzpatrick doesn’t sign. While there isn’t much separating the quarterbacks from a talent standpoint, Fitzpatrick is clearly the better fit for offensive coordinator Chan Gailey’s system

A Texan-Sized Rebuild

Houston was good enough to make the playoffs last year. But for team brass, it was clear that they needed to place more talent around DeAndre Hopkins, one of the league’s most unique playmakers

Offensive Linemen: A Character Study

The Dolphins took a chance when they stopped Laremy Tunsil’s draft-night free fall. And they should feel good about the risk—recent data shows offensive linemen usually stay out of trouble, and understanding the position they play shows why

The NFL’s Safety Squeeze

Defenses don’t have a great solution for covering versatile tight ends. Cornerbacks are much too small, linebackers much too slow. So why have safeties like George Iloka faced a soft market in free agency? And what’s it mean for the 2016 draft?

Unsettled at QB: Not a Good Place to Be

From the obvious (Browns, Broncos) to the surprising (Cowboys? Vikings?), our X’s and O’s expert looks at 10 teams with iffy quarterbacking situations, and what they should do about it

Evaluating the Opening Free-Agent Moves

Our film maven examines the quarterback fallout (Kaepernick to Denver? Daniel as Philly’s starter?), the big-money plays, the top bargains so far and the best of who’s still out there

The End is Near for Flawed QBs Griffin and Kaepernick

At the top of the game four years ago, the fall back to reality has been fast and infuriating for Robert Griffin III and Colin Kaepernick. Both players face uncertainty in 2016 and the future doesn’t look any better

What I Learn at the Combine

For a film analyst, the annual ‘Underwear Olympics’ provides more than just a look at this year’s draft class

A Regretful Super Bowl Sunday

From Cam Newton’s shaky throws to Mike Shula’s chess-match loss to blockers who couldn’t win one-on-one, a look back at what went wrong for a number of Panthers in their worst game of the season

Retread Superheroes

While Carolina touts its camaraderie, the Panthers’ success is just as much down to the franchise's ability to identify and bring in time-tested veterans from other teams—eight in all in key positions this season—who fit their schemes and their culture

Cam Newton: Worth Every Penny

OK, OK—I was wrong about Cam Newton. Way wrong. He’s played up to and beyond the megacontract he signed last year, his four seasons of promise and development paying off in an MVP season for the Panthers. (Now, as for Ryan Tannehill ... )

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