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The Mariota Project Begins

There is plenty to like about Marcus Mariota. There is also plenty that should make the Tennessee Titans nervous. The track record of run-oriented college quarterbacks in the NFL is not good. Beginning this summer, the Titans will try to build Mariota into a passer who can buck that trend

The Man Behind Jameis Winston

All eyes will be on rookie quarterback Jameis Winston this fall. But it will be the play-calling of offensive coordinator Dirk Koetter, the biggest assistant coach hiring of 2015, that determines whether Winston—and the Bucs offense—sinks or swims

Ranking NFL Quarterbacks

From Aaron and Andrew to Wilson and Winston, here's how the starting quarterbacks for all 32 teams stack up heading into summer training camp

Trouble on the Line

A season-ending injury for left tackle Ryan Clady isn’t a big deal; the Broncos’ offensive line was going to be shaky anyway. The real question is how new coach Gary Kubiak will meld his offense with Peyton Manning and a host of new faces

Final Impressions of XLIX

Breaking down the best performance of Tom Brady’s illustrious career, and giving the Patriots’ D credit for winning rather than blaming the Seahawks for losing

In Defense of Darrell Bevell

The Seahawks had the right look for the slant to work, but the interception that clinched Super Bowl 49 was more a function of their limited personnel. Plus, why it was Bill Belichick who made the biggest coaching gaffe, a peek at Tom Brady's note cards, and how the Pats took the option out of Seattle's read-option

Dealing With the Wheel

The wheel route is one of Seattle's signature plays. And on Sunday, it will be one of the ways they can get their middling receivers open against a superior Patriots secondary

Why Seattle’s DBs Rule

The Seahawks secondary might be the NFL's best unit. How'd it happen? Meet position coach Kris Richard, who's about to become the next hot coordinator

Containing Russell Wilson

The key to winning the Super Bowl for the Patriots will depend on their ability to keep Seattle's QB under wraps. Here's how New England's defense could do it

How They Get Gronk Open

'You have to stop Gronkowski.' It's easier said than done thanks to the Patriots' use of formations and route combos. Here's how Gronk keeps getting open

Everything You Need To Know About Super Bowl 49

Our film-study guru breaks down the matchups, schemes, strengths, weaknesses and gambits from every conceivable angle. And the winner will be...

Why Rex Ryan Makes Sense in Buffalo

A refreshing face for the franchise, Ryan cements the Bills’ defensive strength while joining forces with Greg Roman, a brilliant offensive coordinator. The last time he had a young-but-flawed quarterback and a defense this good, he went to back-to-back AFC Championship Games

Breaking Down the NFL's Elite Eight

An in-depth look at both sides of the ball for this weekend's four divisional-round playoff games

Game-Planning the Patriots: An Insider’s View

Not many teams have been able to bottle up Tom Brady and company, but the Jets have had more success than most. Gang Green defensive coordinator Dennis Thurman offers some tactics for slowing, if not stopping, the Pats

How the NFC North Title Will Be Won

The Lions’ secondary locked down the Packers’ receivers using a scheme called 2-man in their first meeting this season. An analytical look at the coverage that will largely determine the division winner in Sunday’s rematch

Big D? Not So Much

The Cowboys are riding high after last Sunday’s takedown of the Eagles, but their secondary can easily be picked apart by Andrew Luck’s Colts ... plus, smart watching for Week 16 and film study revelations

Who Needs Mariota?

Not the Oakland Raiders; rookie Derek Carr has proved he has what it takes to become a franchise QB. Plus, what separates Russell Wilson from Colin Kaepernick, the Cowboys’ screen game and the Chargers D

A Controversial Choice to Stay the Course

Brian Hoyer remains the Browns’ starting quarterback. Is Mike Pettine making the right decision? The film from last week’s game against the Bills says no