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The Big Board Is Back

As NFL teams begin slipping out of playoff contention, we look ahead to the rebuilding process. Here are the top 50 prospects for the 2015 draft

Just Like Geno

Pittsburgh’s Aaron Donald is similar in size and technique to NFL star Geno Atkins. But are the comparisons legit? The Bengals defensive tackle himself says they ‘definitely’ are, so expect Donald to benefit from the path Atkins blazed

Return of the Freak

Jadeveon Clowney's junior season dampened the ridiculous excitement surrounding the defensive end that started when he was a freshman in high school. At the combine, expect the South Carolina product to get the NFL drooling again

Time for Style vs. Substance

We've got enough on tape to accurately judge this draft's top prospects. Unfortunately, it's not that simple. Workouts and pro days are upon us, the time when sheer athleticism comes to the forefront to cloud our judgment

The NFL Has A Major Underclassmen Problem

And it's only getting bigger. Due to the collective bargaining agreement in 2011, college players are eager to enter the NFL as soon as possible. The influx is negatively impacting the prospects and current players, with no end in sight

The NFL Job Interview

For the players at the Senior Bowl in Mobile, Ala., the week of practices doubles as an introduction to pro football. For the scouts and coaches in attendance, it's an opportunity to see how the players handle tough questions and situations

20 Things I Think I Think About the Senior Bowl

A receiver bonanza, the next Geno Atkins and no clear-cut franchise QBs. Those are just three of the things I saw in a first-round-light Senior Bowl group. Here are my takeaways from a few days in Mobile

Settling In, or Saying Goodbye?

Senior Day festivities open a window into who could be leaving school early. For those players, chances to impress NFL scouts in actual game action are running out

Making Their Case

A competitive two weeks on the college circuit are over, and top players on the nation's top teams are moving on my draft board—some for good, some for bad

Best Bets for the Bottom-Feeders

We've got a good handle on the teams in the running for the No. 1 overall pick in next May's draft. So which top prospect best fits what those teams need?

Competition Starting to Stiffen

We think we have this draft's top prospects pegged, but we'll learn a lot as some in our top 50 get ready to face off against each other in coming weeks

Mariota Mania

I've underestimated him before, but after showing something against the legit Washington defense, it's no longer possible to ignore the surging Ducks QB

Down Goes Clowney

Here's something I never thought I'd say this season: The Gamecocks' freakish defensive end is no longer this draft's top prospect

Calm Before the Storm

A lack of truly competitive games left this week's board relatively static, but get ready for the action to considerably kick up a notch

The Impact of A&M vs. 'Bama

One of the most highly anticipated games of the college season didn't just live up to the hype, it had major ramifications on the top of the draft

Now the Schedule Gets Real

We now have some data on the draft's top prospects, but the cream will really separate itself now that conference games are beginning

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