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Inside the Film Room With… Carson Wentz

Coming from North Dakota State, the assumption is that Wentz isn’t ready for the NFL. But a session in the film room shows the incredible amount of responsibility he had while running things for the reigning five-time FCS champions. And it reveals why he’s the most pro-ready QB to enter the NFL since Andrew Luck

Inside the Film Room With… Shaq Lawson and Kevin Dodd

The bookend pass-rushers at Clemson are different and unique players on the field. Both should come off the board on the first night of the draft. They spent an afternoon in the film room to break down their final collegiate game: the national championship

Inside the Film Room With... Jared Goff

While he was on the wrong side of the scoreboard, the Cal quarterback showed the subtleties and savvy of a future franchise QB during last season’s loss at Stanford. Just weeks before the draft, he broke down the game film for The MMQB

Inside the Film Room With... Jarran Reed

The Alabama prospect talks X’s and O’s to help explain how he became one of college football’s best two-gap linemen, and why some other parts of his game are lacking

Dancing the Shady Bounce

LeSean McCoy studies game tape the same way he runs the ball: You’re never quite sure what he’s going to do next. Our film guru says he’s the NFL’s most dynamic runner since Barry Sanders

Understanding the Greatness of A.J. Green

The Bengals’ superstar receiver has become close to unstoppable. In our latest Film Room session, Green breaks down the nuances of his game, his chemistry with Andy Dalton, and how he got the best of the Steelers last season

Jared Goff Projects to Stardom

Goff is expected to be the first quarterback off the board in April’s draft. Our film-study expert, watching the Cal QB for the first time, liked what he saw over a three-game stretch

Book of Mathieu

In our film study session with Tyrann Mathieu, the Arizona Cardinals star defensive back explains—among other things—how a receiver’s head nod (or lack thereof) leads to an interception, covering Jimmy Graham, and why, when it comes to receivers, ‘most of them are divas’

Witten’s Wisdom

We kick off our film-study series with Jason Witten, a 10-time Pro Bowler who fits the mold of a throwback tight end. As the Cowboys prepare for the Eagles on Sunday, we take a look at their Week 15 matchup from last season and every aspect of his game

Replacing DeMarco Murray: Randle Is Right

Joseph Randle has done some dumb things recently, but he was right about DeMarco Murray’s 2014 season: The rushing champ should have gone for more. Here's why Randle—or another Cowboys back—could be in for a monster 2015

Randy Gregory: The Next Great Edge Rusher, If...

The Nebraska product’s athletic traits and relentlessness make him the most tantalizing prospect in this draft class. Gregory will be a great… if he takes well to coaching and, more importantly, keeps himself in line off the field

Is Amari Cooper Worth a Top 10 Pick?

He was college football’s best wideout last season and is the most polished receiver in the 2015 draft. But will his size and concentration lapses lead to a long wait on draft night?

Is Gordon Good Enough for Round 1?

It's been three years since a running back was selected in the first round. Wisconsin's Melvin Gordon might break that drought, but the film reveals a player who doesn't belong in the draft's first 32 selections

The Sun Hasn't Set on Peyton Manning

I watched every drop-back he took this season, and I don't believe I was watching a quarterback who is washed-up. Why Peyton Manning shouldn't retire

Watching Tape With … the Chargers’ Dwight Freeney

Every week in the NFL, we see how players perform on the field. But what goes into their mental preparation to play? To find out, Dwight Freeney—one of the great pass-rushers of this generation—invites The MMQB and its readers to the film room. Grab a chair

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