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Is Amari Cooper Worth a Top 10 Pick?

He was college football’s best wideout last season and is the most polished receiver in the 2015 draft. But will his size and concentration lapses lead to a long wait on draft night?

Is Gordon Good Enough for Round 1?

It's been three years since a running back was selected in the first round. Wisconsin's Melvin Gordon might break that drought, but the film reveals a player who doesn't belong in the draft's first 32 selections

The Sun Hasn't Set on Peyton Manning

I watched every drop-back he took this season, and I don't believe I was watching a quarterback who is washed-up. Why Peyton Manning shouldn't retire

Watching Tape With … the Chargers’ Dwight Freeney

Every week in the NFL, we see how players perform on the field. But what goes into their mental preparation to play? To find out, Dwight Freeney—one of the great pass-rushers of this generation—invites The MMQB and its readers to the film room. Grab a chair

Little Hype, Huge Upside

Ignore all the Jadeveon Clowney talk. The NFL draft prospect most similar to Hall of Famer Lawrence Taylor is Khalil Mack, a once-unheralded linebacker from the University at Buffalo who stepped right out of a scout’s dream

The NFL’s Next Big Thing Isn't Really Big at All

But Clemson wideout Sammy Watkins has the strength to outmuscle linebackers and the speed to leave cornerbacks in his dust. Can this potential top five pick break the mold, or will he just end up breaking a general manager’s heart?

Best of the Beasts

When it comes to offensive tackles in the 2014 NFL draft, there’s a consensus top two: Auburn’s Greg Robinson and Texas A&M’s Jake Matthews. Who will get picked first? After watching tape, the winner is ...

The Bortles Conundrum

With the right coaching, Blake Bortles is a year away from being the best quarterback in the 2014 NFL draft. And that’s the problem. Which team will take the chance? Here’s an in-depth look at Central Florida’s fabulous and flawed QB

The Evolution of the L.O.B.

What will Peyton Manning see when he looks at the Seahawks’ secondary on Sunday? A group working hard to disguise their looks and trying to befuddle the Broncos’ quarterback. Anything less than that, and Seattle will come up short of hoisting the Lombardi

The Skinny On Teddy

In the coming months, as the 2014 draft nears, we will hear all about Teddy Bridgewater's lack of arm strength, size and other measurable qualities. But it's what is unseen that might propel the Louisville QB to be the No. 1 pick in May

Pressure Points: Robert Quinn Pushes for DPOY

He doesn't lead the NFL in sacks and his team will be home in January. But the St. Louis Rams' Robert Quinn quietly is having the best season by a pass rusher and is making a strong case to be named Defensive Player of the Year

Pressure Points: Valuable Vike, but For How Long?

The subtly effective Everson Griffen had the biggest day you might not have noticed among pass rushers in Week 14, but in a contract year, you can bet other teams are paying attention

Pressure Points: Tuck Gets By With Help From His Friends

This is where box scores can fool you. Justin Tuck highlighted Week 13 with four sacks, but his heroics were far from a one-man show. Still, it was enough to earn the impending free agent our Edge Rusher of the Week award

Pressure Points: McCoy's Great Awakening

Some sound advice, a new gameplan and attention to detail have Gerald McCoy realizing the potential we all saw when he entered the draft four years ago

Pressure Points: More Than Bits of Real Panther

At 6-2 and 285 pounds, Carolina's Charles Johnson is an oversize, unconventional defensive end with surprising speed and even faster hands. The Bucs found out the hard, painful way in Week 8

Pressure Points: Chargers' Depth Paying Off

No Dwight Freeney, no Melvin Ingram, no problem. San Diego is coming off two straight dominant wins, and it's doing it on the back of a pass rush that isn't making excuses despite missing their top players

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