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Take These Broken Wings

A heartbreaking loss in the Super Bowl can stunt any team, especially one as young as the Falcons. Does Atlanta have what it takes to mount its own comeback?

The Bad Vibes in Buffalo

The coach was fired, the general manager can’t explain why and the ownership doesn’t seem to have a plan for the future. Going on 17 seasons without a playoff berth, these are the same old Bills

The No-Nonsense Rookie Head Coach

Adam Gase’s first season in Miami has been a bumpy ride by virtually every measure, but he has the Dolphins on the verge of making the postseason for the first time since the 2008 season

The NFL Moves On From Pink October

Since 2009, the league has focused a monthlong charitable effort on breast cancer awareness, drawing both praise and some criticism. Beginning next fall, teams will be able to choose their own cancer causes to support

Luke Kuechly and the Gruesome Part of Football

The Panthers’ star linebacker is in concussion protocol with no timetable for his return, but his injury is already being used to teach high school athletes. Plus, the real reason Steve Smith Sr. came back this season and the Fine 15 power rankings for Week 12

Bills-Seahawks: Blown Calls and More Bad Looks

Once again, officials are in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons—a high-profile sequence of mistakes on Monday Night Football—and a season already dragged down by fan discontent gets another black mark

The Rookie QB Waiting Game

While other first-year quarterbacks flourish, the pass-poor Jets—like the Rams with Jared Goff—are letting second-rounder Christian Hackenberg watch and learn. But how long can a needy team afford to sit a valuable young investment?

The Bengals’ Undoing

Cincinnati is off to a slow start and trying to shake its reputation for being an undisciplined team. Sunday’s loss didn’t help the cause

The Mack Attack Is Back

Four games into the season, Khalil Mack finally picks up his first sack—but his impact goes so far beyond the stats. Plus our power rankings going into Week 5

The Vikings’ Secret Weapon

Is it special teams, which returned a punt for a TD against the Panthers? Is it the defense, which punished Cam Newton and held Kelvin Benjamin to no catches? Is it Sam Bradford learning on the fly? Not exactly. It’s the man on the sideline calling all the shots

Jacoby Brissett and the Tale of One Snap

Here’s the unlikely story of how Bill Parcells, a mentor to the Patriots’ rookie quarterback, bestowed Brissett with a nickname that foretold his future. Plus how teams rank after Week 2

Player Safety Problems

A glimpse into how NFL-appointed medical experts patrol the sidelines shows flaws in the system. Plus a gloomy forecast for RG3 in Cleveland and the first rankings of 2016 finds some familiar teams at the top

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