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Wade’s World

Super Bowl week kicked off with the spectacle of the first-ever Media Night. One question worth asking: How are Wade Phillips and his Broncos defense planning on stopping Cam Newton?

Cam Newton: Today’s Elway?

A litany of notes out of the championship games and heading into Super Bowl 50, including the Broncos GM on the Panthers QB, Carolina’s forgotten architect and why the respect card shouldn't be played again

Patience is a Virtue

Peter King takes a look at Ron Rivera's Panthers and Bruce Arians' Cardinals to illustrate the virtue of sticking with your plan when putting together an NFL team

Alex Smith Is Not A Game Manager

In his last two playoff games, Chiefs quarterback Alex Smith has gone on the road and put up 44 and 30 points. Peter King takes a look at the divisional matchup between streaking Kansas City and New England

An Open Letter to Players

Take care of yourselves. Take care of the game. In the wake of the Steelers-Bengals debacle, the future of the sport depends on you

The Fine Fifteen: What Monday Night Meant

The Broncos’ victory over the Bengals on Monday night eased concerns about Denver’s quarterback situation with Brock Osweiler at the helm but left the Bengals unsettled. The rankings headed into the final week

Beckham's Ban

Peter King looks back at Odell Beckham Jr.'s actions against the Panthers and discusses why it was a good decision for the NFL to suspend him for one game

Where Have All The Quarterbacks Gone?

Peter King takes a look at the lack of quarterback depth in the NFL. But there's nothing different about this season, in his experience covering the league, Peter says there never has been great depth at the position

The Fine Fifteen

There’s movement at the top, as two AFC giants re-enter the top five. Plus notes on Pete Rose, Muhammad Wilkerson and a player I admire

Questions for the Colts

Peter King examines the latest blowout loss for the Indianapolis Colts and what it means for head coach Chuck Pagano and general manager Ryan Grigson

The Fine 15: Sanity Check

Seismic activity in the NFL pecking order this week will leave many questioning the power ranker’s mental state. Please form an orderly line

The Fine Fifteen: Nothing Could Be Finer

Welcome to December; the Panthers are perfect in the regular season over the last calendar year. The defense is dominating, but it’s the offense that is taking the league by storm… and the biggest reason 16-0 is well within reach

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