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Tony Jefferson’s Wild Ride

Undrafted four years ago, Jefferson hit the free-agent market this week as the NFL’s most sought after safety. Before he could join his new team in Baltimore, he had to pick up a new suit from the tailor and make it to the airport with just minutes to spare

The Pain You Can’t See

From the trial to the diagnosis, how Erin Andrews endured the most difficult year of her life and came out stronger than ever

The Tale of Tom Brady and Johnny Foxborough

He’s won four Super Bowls, two league MVPs, and will be a first-ballot Hall of Famer. So why does Bill Belichick regularly compare his star player to the high school quarterback just down the street?

Best of The MMQB, 2016

A look back on some of our most popular and provocative long reads from an eventful 12 months of football

Sam Wyche: A Thankful Heart

In September, the former NFL coach nearly died from heart failure. This Thanksgiving, Wyche will say a prayer for a man he’s never met—the man whose heart now beats inside his chest

The Legend and Life of Dennis Byrd

After suffering a paralyzing injury in 1992, the Jets defensive lineman rose to walk again, becoming an inspiration both within the game and beyond it. But his post-football life, cut short by a tragic ending last week, was complicated and challenging

Good Morning, Coach Warner

Predawn football practices? The players at Desert Mountain High don’t mind—not when the guy directing the offense is a Super Bowl champion and two-time MVP. But in this first coaching stint, Kurt Warner is a learner as much as he is a teacher

Rob Gronkowski, Football Mastermind

He’s thought of as a good-old-bro who dominates based on size and athleticism, but the Pats’ All-Pro tight end is really one of the brainiest players at his position. Don’t just take our word for it—ask the coaches who game-plan for and against him

Donald Trump and the USFL: A ‘Beautiful’ Circus

Big names, big money, big vision—and an ego that encompassed it all. Donald Trump’s foray into pro football ownership with the upstart league in the ’80s was the kind of spectacle that now feels very familiar

A Lonely World

Part II of The MMQB’s special three-part mini-series on the the kicker. From practice fields to post-games, the kicker is often sequestered from the rest of the team... except for those 1.3 seconds when he carries the hopes of an organization

Pity The Kicker

Part I of The MMQB’s special three-part mini-series on the the kicker. Nate Kaeding and the agonizing quest to perfect what cannot be perfected

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