Going Long

The Panthers’ First Season Was a Wild Ride

In the the inaugural year for the NFL in Carolina, a band of castoffs and curiosities overcame the odds with a spirit that looks a lot like the Super Bowl 50 Panthers. An oral history of a successful NFL startup

What 45.7 Million NFL TV Viewers Don’t See at Home

The FOX crew allowed The MMQB inside its preparation and production of the Cardinals-Panthers NFC Championship Game to see how Joe Buck, Troy Aikman, Erin Andrews and others get the job done. Spoiler alert: It involves cough drops, film study and text messages from—boom!—John Madden

Unleash It Deep

With the league trending toward dink and dunk in recent years, three of the NFL’s best offenses are taking a different tack: big throws, big risks, big plays and big wins

The End of an Era, Somewhere

Emotions ranged from wistful to angry at the final home games in St. Louis, San Diego and Oakland. At least one of those fan bases will soon be abandoned by the NFL—and the worst part is that even now, no one knows which

Mike Ditka’s Kick-Ass Coaching Tree

Yes, Virginia, there is an Iron Mike coaching tree. But unlike the followers of cerebral football strategists like Sid Gilman and Bill Walsh, Da Coach’s acolytes—including Ron Rivera, Jeff Fisher and Sean Payton—are guys who played under him, absorbing his style and what he stood for

The Officiating Crisis: Worse than Ever, or Just Louder Critics?

A series of high-profile gaffes has forced the NFL to make policy changes for the playoffs. But are things really as bad as they seem, or are mistakes being amplified by the constant scrutiny of every play by everyone from every angle? The MMQB investigates

Steph Curry on Cam Newton: ‘He Should be the MVP’

While the sports world is talking nonstop about Curry and Newton, the hottest players in the NBA and NFL can’t stop talking smack to each other about video games. Theirs is a friendship that runs deeper than fandom

The New Andy Dalton Show

As fiery as his red hair, the Bengals’ quarterback has finally taken a leadership role and transformed into an MVP candidate. For the nonbelievers, a postseason win will be the measure of true growth

The Books of Cousins

The starting quarterback for the surprise NFC East leaders is on a constant quest to better himself as a player and person. Kirk Cousins may not be the best QB in the NFL—or maybe even in Washington—but he’s making the case that he belongs

A Quarterback and His Game Plan, Part I: Five Days to Learn 171 Plays

Carson Palmer and the Arizona Cardinals allowed The MMQB inside the installation of the game plan for their Week 8 meeting with the Browns. How does a QB absorb and apply so much complexity—nearly 200 plays, plus all of their possible permutations and adjustments—in less than a week? Commitment and confidence help—and so does virtual reality

The Essence of Seattle

Famously silent, Marshawn Lynch has always let his play speak for itself. But a subpar, injury-plagued season has Seahawks fans talking about the 29-year-old’s future and his true value for a struggling team

Should We Believe in Cam Newton?

The Panthers are 7-0 for the first time in franchise history, and their quarterback has put himself in the company of Manning, Brady and Rodgers. As his game evolves, can Superman validate himself as a talent like no other?

What Benton Harbor Needed Was Elliot Uzelac

A grizzled coach with more than four decades of big-time college and pro experience came out of retirement to take over a troubled high school program in a distressed Michigan town. Instilling discipline and providing direction, he’s changed the Tigers’ fortunes—and changed some lives

Going to School on Deflategate

The University of New Hampshire is offering a course on the never-ending battle between Roger Goodell and Tom Brady. For three hours on a recent Wednesday evening, The MMQB went inside the classroom and the case

From Apprentice to Master

Bruce Arians, Joe Gibbs and Bill Parcells each had a hand in molding Todd Bowles, who is now remaking the Jets in his own image

How Daily Fantasy Is Changing the Game

Seven-figure paydays, complex statistical algorithms, congressional inquiries, suspicions of insider info, and yes, all those advertisements. Daily Fantasy Football’s main competitors—FanDuel and DraftKings—are now entwined with the NFL experience. But with multiple controversies converging at once, will it stay that way?

The Hard News

Ed Werder has become a fixture in the NFL while covering stories for ESPN. The news away from his job—concerning his daughter and her husband—has been much tougher to handle

Why Jim Brown Matters

To his football heirs—from Barry Sanders to Adrian Peterson—he’s the one player by which their own greatness is measured. To those who played with and against the Cleveland Browns legend, his prowess, intensity and intellect remain awe-inspiring. Fifty years after walking away from the game at his peak, he still towers over the NFL. Yes, he was just that good

‘This Is the Hardest Thing I’ve Ever Done’

Mike Sherman was coach and GM of the Packers in the Brett Favre years, ran Texas A&M and has been offensive coordinator for three NFL teams. This season he’s coaching a high school in Cape Cod that nearly dropped football a few years back. What’s he doing so far from the spotlight?