going long

The NFL’s Future in Europe

The NFL has worked aggressively to establish itself in London. Germany could be next. But the league still has major hurdles to clear in its quest to become a truly worldwide sport. Can it be done?

Step Into Jay Glazer’s Gym

The Fox Sports NFL insider has a second career: He’s building up players with unique MMA-style training

Don’t Bludgeon the Man

Jim Tomsula hardly made a good first impression as the 49ers head coach. But it’d be a mistake to write-off someone who once lived in his car (with a dog, cat and litter box) just so he could be a volunteer college coach

The NFL Wants L.A., But Is It a Requited Love?

Momentum has never been stronger for the league to return to Los Angeles after more than two decades away. This summer, The MMQB sought out more than 100 Angelenos from all walks of life to take the temperature of fans

The Rex Effect

After a turbulent final act with the Jets, Rex Ryan is starting fresh in Buffalo, infusing the franchise with qualities that have been in short supply since the Bills’ Super Bowl heydey: personality, excitement and optimism. Brash? He’s OK with that, too

The Mystery Man Who Helped Modernize the NFL

Behind the scenes but in the middle of everything, Joel Bussert has counseled three commissioners over the course of four decades and always championed the quality of the game. Get to know him before he says goodbye

Sweetness and the Scout

Relentlessness. Intensity. Hard-headed commitment. The qualities that Chargers scouting director Kevin Kelly looks for in a prospect are the same he saw in his mentor, Walter Payton, with whom he struck up an unlikely friendship on a fateful night in an empty gym as an awestruck teenager

A Hero’s Welcome for Malcolm Butler

An undrafted free agent who once worked at Popeyes for $7.25 an hour became the unlikely star of Super Bowl XLIX. The MMQB followed him back home to Vicksburg, Miss., where everyone already knew his name

Inside Belichick’s Library

The hundreds of books, many collected by his father, that played a role in shaping the strategies and philosophies of Bill Belichick

Football’s Focus Group

The ultimate outsider—an Englishman who never played the game—abandoned a profitable business to run an NFL advanced stats website. In just a few years he’s gone from 80 page views a week to overseeing an international staff of 80 that’s helping to transform the league

I’m Not Russell Wilson, But I Play Him on TV

For some former college and pro players, there’s a second career—and some pretty nice cash—working as body doubles for big stars and filling out rosters for commercials, TV shows and movies. The dream, rare in its achievement, is to cross over into mainstream acting. Or become the Old Spice guy

A Football Sunday With Richard Sherman

After a big divisional-round win on Saturday—and a random drug test the next morning—the All-Pro cornerback settled himself on the couch and began scouting the Seahawks’ next opponent. A day at Sherman’s lair reveals why, win or lose, he may ask Aaron Rodgers to swap jerseys after the NFC Championship Game

Rodgers’ Starr Moment

He’s played in and won bigger games, but Aaron Rodgers added another chapter to Packers’ lore on Sunday. Limping around Lambeau Field, he threw for 316 yards and three TDs in an Ice Bowl rematch that rivaled the original drama

Same Old Gronk—or Maybe Better

Rob Gronkowski’s stunning return to dominance this season after two years battling injury highlighted the dedication that was mostly lost amid his party persona. Now wiser in his ways—well, maybe a little—he could be the key to another Patriots Super Bowl run

Is Jameis Winston Worth the Trouble?

There’s so much to like about Winston—his strength, playmaking and toughness—but his off-field behavior is so distressing. Should he declare for the NFL draft, the FSU quarterback will be subjected to a predraft background check that will make last year’s scrutiny of Johnny Manziel look like a casual glance

Finding Danny Watkins

A late-bloomer who seemed too good to be true, a first-round bust who helped get a once-untouchable coach run out of town, and to some, a hero. The bizarre football life of a man who was built for the game but born for something else

A Quarterback in the Wind

Washington drafted Robert Griffin III to be a savior, but Sunday’s loss to the Rams felt like a funeral procession. Is there any hope for a franchise quarterback who’s been relegated to mop-up duty?

A Marshawn Kind of Way

A prodigious back known as Beast Mode, Marshawn Lynch is many things to many people: quiet, ornery, a thug and a jerk. But those who know him best say he’s an introvert who won’t conform—and the best teammate they’ve ever had

Where Pride Still Matters

To the west of Boston, two affluent towns renewed their heated gridiron rivalry for the 127th time on Thanksgiving morning. Yet bragging rights seem so inconsequential to the backstories that challenge our notion of life in the suburbs