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Donald Trump and the USFL: A ‘Beautiful’ Circus

Big names, big money, big vision—and an ego that encompassed it all. Donald Trump’s foray into pro football ownership with the upstart league in the ’80s was the kind of spectacle that now feels very familiar

A Lonely World

Part II of The MMQB’s special three-part mini-series on the the kicker. From practice fields to post-games, the kicker is often sequestered from the rest of the team... except for those 1.3 seconds when he carries the hopes of an organization

Pity The Kicker

Part I of The MMQB’s special three-part mini-series on the the kicker. Nate Kaeding and the agonizing quest to perfect what cannot be perfected

How Quarterbacks Are Made

The MMQB examined the youth football careers and family backgrounds of the 15 QBs taken in this year’s NFL draft (a record number), and found several key life experiences that appear to be predictors of success. Often, the men who play the position aren’t natural born leaders

How a Deal for One is Done

The Titans and Rams pulled off one of the biggest trades in NFL draft history. Here’s how it went down, from a serendipitous situation at the combine to the transaction’s consummation in the cab of a pickup truck

This Guy Knows Quarterbacks

A top agent says there are three can’t-miss events for the draft’s best QBs: the combine, pro days and Jon Gruden’s QB Camp. The MMQB goes behind the scenes as the ex-coach-turned-analyst puts Carson Wentz through the made-for-TV wringer both in the classroom and on the field

Here’s the Catch...

The NFL's convoluted catch rule will be a hot topic at the upcoming league meetings. What, exactly, is a catch these days? Even the men on the receiving end have trouble defining it

The Fall of Johnny Football

The MMQB combed through Johnny Manziel’s past and spoke to more than a dozen people who are or were in the quarterback’s inner circle to find out: Just how did it go so wrong? Has Johnny Football played his last NFL game? And if so, does he even care?

Behind Closed Doors at the NFL Combine

Teams are allowed to schedule formal interviews with 60 prospects, each lasting just 15 minutes. The MMQB sat in the room as the Dolphins grilled a quarterback and tried to determine the makeup of the man

The Panthers’ First Season Was a Wild Ride

In the the inaugural year for the NFL in Carolina, a band of castoffs and curiosities overcame the odds with a spirit that looks a lot like the Super Bowl 50 Panthers. An oral history of a successful NFL startup

What 45.7 Million NFL TV Viewers Don’t See at Home

The FOX crew allowed The MMQB inside its preparation and production of the Cardinals-Panthers NFC Championship Game to see how Joe Buck, Troy Aikman, Erin Andrews and others get the job done. Spoiler alert: It involves cough drops, film study and text messages from—boom!—John Madden

Unleash It Deep

With the league trending toward dink and dunk in recent years, three of the NFL’s best offenses are taking a different tack: big throws, big risks, big plays and big wins

The End of an Era, Somewhere

Emotions ranged from wistful to angry at the final home games in St. Louis, San Diego and Oakland. At least one of those fan bases will soon be abandoned by the NFL—and the worst part is that even now, no one knows which

Mike Ditka’s Kick-Ass Coaching Tree

Yes, Virginia, there is an Iron Mike coaching tree. But unlike the followers of cerebral football strategists like Sid Gilman and Bill Walsh, Da Coach’s acolytes—including Ron Rivera, Jeff Fisher and Sean Payton—are guys who played under him, absorbing his style and what he stood for

The Officiating Crisis: Worse than Ever, or Just Louder Critics?

A series of high-profile gaffes has forced the NFL to make policy changes for the playoffs. But are things really as bad as they seem, or are mistakes being amplified by the constant scrutiny of every play by everyone from every angle? The MMQB investigates

Steph Curry on Cam Newton: ‘He Should be the MVP’

While the sports world is talking nonstop about Curry and Newton, the hottest players in the NBA and NFL can’t stop talking smack to each other about video games. Theirs is a friendship that runs deeper than fandom

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