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2016 NFL Broadcast Guide

The breakdown of what to expect on each network that carries pro football, from pregame shows to the broadcast booth and beyond

Charles Woodson’s New Job

After 18 NFL seasons, the future Hall of Famer now transitions into ESPN analyst. The MMQB tagged along on a warm-up night of sorts, where the ex-DB learned his on-field skills of adjusting on the fly still will be useful

Josh Norman Joins Fox

Washington’s outspoken cornerback will have an even bigger platform in 2016 thanks to a second job. Norman joins Brandon Marshall as an active NFL player with a regular side gig as a TV commentator for a national network

The Mad Scientist Doesn’t Wear Makeup

Often colder than a Maine winter in his press conferences, Bill Belichick has mastered the art of withholding information. But with the tape rolling and clicker in hand, the Patriots coach turns into an excited teacher during a weekly TV segment called The Belestrator

The NFL’s Kind of Town

Newly minted players will still dominate the TV spotlight come Thursday night, but the NFL draft has a new verve thanks to its Chicago backdrop

Troy Aikman on Concussions, Borland and Broadcasting

In the wake of the Chris Borland retirement, I asked the Hall of Fame former QB and Fox broadcaster—who suffered multiple concussions as a pro—for his thoughts on head injuries, and on how he approaches the subject on the air

Like Father, Like Son

Phil and Chris Simms sat down with The MMQB and rapped about Super Bowl 49, Deflategate, Bill Belichick and the state of broadcasting

The MMQB Media Awards

From breaking news to moving features to on-air embarrassments, the best and worst of 2014 from those who cover the NFL

You Keep Watching

Despite off-the-field scandals and on-the-field blowouts, the NFL's television ratings remain as strong as ever

R-Rated Football

Phil Simms vowed not to say Washington’s team nickname during broadcasts, though a few mentions have already slipped in. How he handles Thursday’s primetime game has more implications than you might expect

2014 NFL Viewing Guide

What’s new among the five networks carrying games this season—and which one is broadcasting’s version of Johnny Manziel

ESPN's Monday Night Madness

From Mike and Mike to Chris Berman, ESPN has given little regard to proven play-by-play skills when it comes to Monday Night Football's late-night opener. The perfect choice for this year's game is right under their noses—informed, professional and proven. It's past time they gave her the assignment

The Drama Behind the Michael Sam Drama

How a thunderstorm 3,000 miles away from Michael Sam's California location almost kept ESPN from airing the most memorable moment in NFL draft history

A Mayock & McShay Q&A

Forget the prospects. The most recognizable faces during the NFL draft process are media stars Mike Mayock and Todd McShay. What do these guys do and how do they define success? One thing’s for sure: It’s not about the mock drafts

Wishing for a White Super Bowl

It's been a point of debate since New Jersey was awarded the Super Bowl, but there's no question what the producer and director of FOX's broadcast would prefer—let it snow. The weather, of course, is just one of many considerations for the men bringing the big game to your TV

What's It Like to Cover the Super Bowl?

The chance for snow. The guarantee of a circus. Tracking down stories and the fight for access. We polled five NFL beat writers well-versed in the experience of the Super Bowl from the media side about what their week will be like when the madness descends upon New York

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