The MMQB’s Greatest Hits

  • The MMQB’s Greatest Hits



Finding Danny Watkins

A late-bloomer who seemed too good to be true, a first-round bust who helped get a once-untouchable coach run out of town, and to some, a hero. The bizarre football life of a man who was built for the game but born for something else

Would You Trust Your Offense to Him?

The biggest question of this draft concerns the biggest personality in it: Johnny Manziel. The MMQB sat down with five experts steeped in the quarterbacking business—David Cutcliffe, Mike Holmgren, Doug Flutie, Kevin Gilbride and Rich Gannon—to watch tape and judge how, or if, his talents will translate to the NFL

How the 2014 Schedule Was Made

At NFL headquarters, four men and 40 computers work for 70 days, sifting through a half-million possibilities. The MMQB pulls back the curtain on the process, the roadblocks they had to navigate and why Seattle dodged a road swing from hell

The Battle of Washington

Daniel Snyder says it honors the heritage of Native Americans; critics consider it nothing less than a racist slur. We set out to gauge the real sentiment regarding the name ‘Redskins’ among Native American leaders and in grass-roots tribal communities around the country. The short answer: It’s complicated

Michael Sam: Studying the Game Tape

We’re learning about Michael Sam the man. But what about Michael Sam the player? We watched every snap he played in 12 games for Missouri last fall to get an unfiltered look at the 2014 draft prospect. Here's what we found

'A Part of Me Is Dying'

Tony Gonzalez reflects on his impending retirement, regrets, chasing Jerry Rice and having more left in his tank. (By the way, don’t tell him his career is diminished because he never won The Big One.)

Game 150: A Week in the Life of an Officiating Crew

The MMQB went behind the scenes with NFL referee Gene Steratore and his crew for an unprecedented look at the pressures and responsibilities of the third team on the field on NFL Sundays: the seven men in stripes who enforce the rules. In Part I, we meet—and agonize with—the boss

Confronting Race, Head On

The ugliness in Miami this week brought to the forefront the serious and complex issue of what’s accepted and what’s not in the locker room and beyond, and when a real leader must step up

Movie Night With Geno

We hit the film room with All-Pro defensive tackle Geno Atkins to see how the Cincinnati Bengals' studious superstar prepares each week to be the most disruptive interior force in football

There Are No Little Things

Games can be won or lost months before they’re played—in cramped classrooms as schemes are installed. We sat in as coach Bruce Arians, the Cardinals’ profane perfectionist, taught Larry Fitzgerald and crew a critical element of his offense. Grab a seat and listen

Don Shula Abides

The victories are smaller now, the fabled intensity faded, but the NFL’s winningest coach—mentor to Unitas and Marino—remains fiercely proud of his legacy. Perfection will do that to a man

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