Monday Morning Quarterback

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Welcome to Goodell Week

Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio is our guest columnist and he kicks off The MMQB’s five-day look at the commissioner by examining 10 things that should worry the NFL most. Plus thoughts on Tom, Von, Mo, Kirk and more

Welcome to Dr. Z Week

The MMQB kicks off a week-long tribute to Paul Zimmerman, the football writing legend who’s now in an assisted-living facility in New Jersey. Plus more notes on Von Miller, Ben f---ing Affleck and a look at new NFL show

A Final Cram Before Summer

Guest columnist Emily Kaplan covers Jay Cutler’s defining season to come, the no-growth HGH investigation, the weird off-field predicaments of rookie QBs, a marijuana crusade, Rex Ryan’s bluster and bicycle, and the mom who just might overshadow all the Father’s Day tributes

Our Thoughts Are in Orlando

With Peter King on vacation, our guest columnist begins with the tragic events in Florida. Plus football items on Jameis Winston’s development, five rookies with big opportunities, MMQB retreat notes and much more

Remembering the Greatest

The football world stops for a moment in early June to recall Muhammad Ali, who transformed American sports and influenced and inspired the athletes who came after him

Carolina is Going for Two

No Super Bowl loser has been back to the big game the next season in 23 years. But don’t bet against Riverboat Ron Rivera and the Panthers, who have already begun their climb back to the top. Our guest columnist also tackles Las Vegas, Jacksonville optimism, the Ryan bros and much more

Monday Morning Mock Draft

Three days before the draft begins in Chicago, here’s an educated guess at how Round 1 will unfold, complete with another Top 5 trade. Plus a peek inside the Eagles-Browns deal, the Josh Norman mess and more

The Pain of J.J. Watt

With his groin muscle tearing off the bone, the Houston pass rusher still turned in the best season by an NFL defensive player in 2015. The MMQB went to Wisconsin to check on Watt’s rehab and get his opinion on the NFL’s early retirement trend. Plus draft notes on L.A., Dallas and more

New Orleans Mourns: ‘No Will’

The murder of Will Smith, beloved member of the Saints’ 2009 Super Bowl team, has left teammates overcome with grief and a city frustrated by its rising violence. Plus draft buzz from 10 decision-makers, the truth behind a player’s surprising retirement at 32 and more around the NFL

On Ejections and Receptions

Expect a ‘boring’ week in Boca Raton as owners meet to discuss, among other things, the catch rule and a potential change in on-field discipline. Plus a Raven tragedy, commissioner news and a late dog, remembered