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Super Bowl 51: Patriots Take the Fifth in Epic Comeback

Trailing Atlanta by 25 points midway through the third quarter, New England never panicked because of one man: Tom Brady. Here are all the details—from MJ to max squats to mothballs—of the legacy-cementing win. Plus notes on HOF votes, Brett Favre’s hobby and more from Houston

Final Four Looks Fantastic

New England. Pittsburgh. Atlanta. Green Bay. How did they get here? Let’s start with the best throw of Aaron Rodgers’ life, and also get into five new head coaches, one messy franchise relocation and the birth of a new King

The NFL is a Wide-Open Race

Who is going to win Super Bowl 51? Who knows. Week 14 set the table for a frenetic finish. A look at the surging Giants, plus more notes on a quiet tailback mentorship, deflated footballs and an offer for Johnny Manziel

The Playoffs Are Coming

With four weeks left, the race for the postseason is heating up—and it all starts with a mammoth matchup Thursday. Here’s a breakdown of what is at stake over the final month. Plus Eric Berry, cleats and more on Week 13

The Decision and the Doink

The Chiefs-Broncos game had it all Sunday, from a coach’s impossible dilemma to a kicker’s ‘prettiest goal.’ A breakdown of the OT thriller plus the rest of Week 12, including Marcus Mariota, Jameis Winston and more

Best Sunday of the Season

Poetic justice in New England. Insane ending in Pittsburgh. Miracle finish in New Orleans. Week 10 had everything the NFL needed and then some, including a Chiefs comeback, the Titans’ statement and so much more

Raiders are Scary and Good

It’s Halloween, and Oakland delivered a freaky performance—23 penalties, more than 600 yards of offense, an OT win—to headline Week 8. Derek Carr reflects on how far the team’s come. Plus notes on Atlanta’s statement, Carolina’s season-saver and more from the NFL’s best weekend of the 2016 season

Dak Prescott is Here to Stay

A fifth straight victory—this time at Lambeau—has the Cowboys believing they won’t be able to remove their rookie, Dak Prescott, when Romo is ready. Plus more Week 6 including Big Ben’s injury, Seattle’s stolen win and an ex-Jet’s death

Tom Brady Does His Job

The Patriots QB returned from suspension and, like a cog in a machine, picked up right where he left off. Plus more from Week 5, including reeling TV viewership, an appreciation of a tough veteran and the weekly awards

Julio Jones: The 300 Game

The Falcons receiver hit a rare milestone Sunday as Atlanta took it to the defending NFC champs. Plus more from a wild Week 4 including the Bills blanking the Pats, the impact of Russell’s rehab and our weekly awards 

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