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The Quest for a Better Football Helmet

The game’s health depends on mitigating concussions and trauma caused by subconcussive hits. That’s why the NFL has incentivized the equipment industry with $60 million and called for a better overall helmet within three years, and position-specific helmets within five

The NFL Can’t Outrun a Legacy of Abuse

Once again the league is paying for its slow reaction to a health crisis, this time the overuse of the painkiller Toradol. Meanwhile, the union shows no interest in taking on the NFL on a perceived conflict of interest among team doctors, setting the stage for the next medical crisis

Al Jazeera, HGH and the NFL: Where Things Stand

The NFL says its investigation is “ongoing and comprehensive,” but with no tangible evidence, no power to compel cooperation and an accuser who’s recanted every allegation, it’s difficult to see anything coming of a probe unless higher authorities get involved

The NFL’s ‘Concussion’ Problem

On Christmas Day, a wide-release feature film headlined by a megawatt star will spread the story of CTE’s discovery in football players—and the NFL’s years of inaction in combating head trauma—to moviegoers everywhere. Unable to change the past, the NFL is trying to keep the focus on the future

Shaquil Barrett Shapes Up

An undrafted free agent who used to put sugar on his lasagna has transformed himself into a surprise playmaker on the Broncos’ league-best defense—in large part thanks to a major overhaul of his daily diet

Lights Out Football

In their never-ending quest to find a winning edge, NFL teams are turning their players on to the most accessible and natural performance-enhancer: a good night’s sleep

Lawrence Tynes’ Nightmare

The man who kicked the Giants into two Super Bowls with clutch overtime field goals saw his career cut short in 2013 by MRSA, a dangerous antibiotic-resistant bacteria that can thrive in NFL locker rooms. He’s not going quietly into retirement

New Allies in the Concussion Battle

The NFL is spending millions in grant money as it searches far and wide for ways to stem the tide of the concussion crisis. One unlikely place that could provide help: the U.S. Army Research Laboratory

Trouble in the Trenches

‘Dings,’ ‘bell-ringers’ ... regardless of what they’re called, a new Harvard study reveals that potential concussions are being ignored at the line of scrimmage

Stem Cell Treatment: Out from the Shadows, Onto the Cutting Edge

The Jets’ Chris Johnson is one of hundreds of NFL players who’ve turned to stem cells to aid in recovery from injury. It may be the next big breakthrough in the treatment of sports ailments, but for now the use of such therapy is strictly limited in the U.S.—and questions about effectiveness outweigh the answers

The Painkiller Problem

Eight retired players are suing the NFL claiming their painkiller addiction was the result of playing pro football. Do they have a case? Here, we break down possible defense strategies and explain why this could lead to marijuana use being condoned by the league

Always on Call

Everyone has an opinion about NFL draft prospects, but the ones that count the most come from team doctors and athletic trainers who advise behind the scenes about joint damage and concussion history

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