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An Education at the Combine

Pay attention in Indy, and the NFL knowledge comes quickly. Here's what we gleaned listening to coaches and GMs address the media, including Cleveland’s plan at No. 2, the Rams' big move and why OL play is lagging

Derrick Henry Answers the Big Questions

The Heisman winner ran rampant through college defenses this season, an unusually big back who handled an unusually large workload. Does the Alabama star have the skills to succeed in the NFL?

Devalue This

Conventional wisdom is that you can find your feature running back late in the draft, or even sign one off the street. So how could the Rams take a running back five months removed from ACL surgery with the 10th overall pick? Because Todd Gurley is a rare breed: a running back you can build an offense around

The Future of the Draft

The commissioner was kidding when he said, ‘Seven rounds, seven days, seven states,’ right? While that is extreme, the idea of a single-venue experience is all but over after Chicago’s rousing display. So where to next: L.A.? Boston? Dallas?

A Dream Interrupts a Nightmare

Slipping in the draft was the least of Grady Jarrett’s problems; while he waited to hear his name called on Friday night, he watched his childhood home burn down. But less than 24 hours later, he and his father shared one unforgettable moment as he stepped into the NFL

The Cowboys Break Randy Gregory’s Fall

The Cowboys aren’t afraid of the red flags: On Friday night, they grabbed falling top-10 talent Randy Gregory of Nebraska. Jenny Vrentas and Don Banks break down what it means for Jerry Jones and Big D

The First Round’s Biggest Surprises

From the Eagles staying put to the Rams rolling the dice on Todd Gurley, The MMQB’s Peter King and Jenny Vrentas look at the biggest surprises of the NFL draft’s first round

The Trade That Was Never Going to Happen

All those rumors of huge offers for the No. 2 pick? Didn’t happen. The Titans never got an offer they seriously considered. That’s because Tennessee made sure everyone knew exactly what they thought of Marcus Mariota: He was always going to be their quarterback of the future

Countdown to Pickoff

It’s finally here. The NFL draft begins tonight with the first round from Chicago. Here’s the latest buzz from around the league, including the big rumor involving Marcus Mariota, Tennessee’s No. 2 pick, Philly, Cleveland and Sam Bradford

The MMQB Mock Draft: Who Teams Will Pick

There’s not much certainty out there after No. 1—is there ever?—but here’s how I see the first round in Chicago playing out on Thursday night, with a few intriguing moves capped by a typically bold Belichickean stroke

The Anti-Mock Draft: Who Teams Should Pick

Projections are pointless, since we don’t know as much as the teams do and one surprise move can blow everything up. So these are prescriptions—the players I’d pick to fill the top needs for each team. In other words, don’t expect Round 1 to play out this way

No Ordinary Agent

He is a Yale-educated former defensive tackle who once negotiated the biggest contract in NFL history. Yet he spends the bulk of his time coaching high school football and scouting small-time college programs for hidden gems. And when Joe Linta puts his stamp of approval on a prospect, NFL teams notice

Scenes From a Pro Day

The Pro Day has become a staple of the NFL's draft season. But what exactly goes on at one? Lots of prying (before, during and after) and lots of stopwatches. And, in the case of the University of Maryland, an unusual visit from Bill Belichick

A Casualty of the NFL Draft

After careful consideration, Wyoming quarterback Brett Smith forwent his senior season and declared for the 2014 draft. Unclaimed and unable to go back to school, his journey highlights a broken process the league is trying to fix

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