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Steve Smith Refuses to Go Quietly Without a Fight

A popular Super Bowl pick to start the season, the Ravens are 0-3 for the first time in franchise history. Their spitfire wideout is trying to turn things around, but one man can only do so much

Kam Chancellor Returns, But One Big Problem Remains

The good news is that Kam Chancellor is reportedly coming back and the schedule is about to get softer. But there are still major issues for 0-2 Seattle, namely a porous offensive line that is limiting the franchise quarterback and a certain prized offseason addition. The Seahawks aren’t worried, but should they be?

The Playbook Shuffle

Detroit's Tim Wright has played under five offensive coordinators for three teams in his three NFL seasons. Here's why the talented tight end has moved around so often and how he's handled the varied vernacular

In New England, the Calm Before the Storm

Twenty-four hours before the Patriots begin their fourth Super Bowl defense, the “Free Brady” movement was going strong in Boston. And as heavy rain threatens to make for a soggy the Gillette Stadium turf Thursday night, the return of football is set to wash away eight months of Deflategate mess

The Accuracy of Aaron Rodgers

A need to avoid turnovers has been drilled into Aaron Rodgers dating back to a quarterback competition in eighth grade. Now, a lack of turnover among the Packers’ coaching staff has helped build him into football’s most efficient quarterback. Peter King sat down with Rodgers at Packers training camp to talk about the art of avoiding turnovers

‘I Desperately Want to be Coached’

A need to avoid turnovers has been drilled into Aaron Rodgers dating back to a quarterback competition in eighth grade. Now, a lack of turnover among the Packers’ coaching staff has helped build him into football’s most efficient quarterback

Drop the Appeal and Close the Book on Deflategate

To put the focus back on football, Roger Goodell should attend the Patriots-Steelers opener and give a televised interview in which he says, with great candor, ‘We took it to court. We lost. We’re moving on.’

The Best Brother

Desmond Trufant is the youngest sibling in a family that produced two other NFL corners. But the Falcons' defensive star is making a name for himself, thanks to hard work and lessons learned by watching his bros

No More Hope

In a span of 32 months, Robert Griffin III went from rookie of the year to being demoted. As Washington mulls severing ties with RG3, here’s a look back at where it all went wrong and which team he could play for next

If You Believe Every Year…

It has been more than 50 years since the Browns won the city’s last title, and more than 20 since the team has been even close to Super Bowl contention. And yet, through decades of heartbreaking losses, Cleveland’s love for the Browns never wavers

Percy Harvin’s Latest Chance to Catch On

Through six NFL seasons, the ultra-talented Harvin has earned a reputation as a misfit toy: injury-prone with no clear position in an offense, and a malcontent who rubs teammates and coaches the wrong way in the locker room. Now on his fourth team in four years, he’ll get every opportunity to reinvent himsel with the new-look Bills

‘I Wouldn’t Change It’

Darrell Bevell made the Super Bowl play call that’s been second-guessed into oblivion. For the first time in detail, the Seattle coordinator discusses why the Seahawks chose to pass, what went wrong and how he handled the fallout

We’re Not Worried

Seahawks All-Pro corner Richard Sherman says it’s next man up in the Seattle secondary—and he’s way over the Super Bowl loss

The Season of Hope

On a two-week tour of NFL training camps, you’ll see plenty that makes each team distinct, but the unifying theme across all 32 August locales is the sense—more realistic in some places than others—of unbridled optimism

Counterpunch: Why Buffalo Added Enemkpali

The saga of IK Enemkpali, the linebacker cut loose by the Jets after cold-cocking QB Geno Smith, got even more interesting when ex-Jets coach and new Jets nemesis Rex Ryan claimed him off waivers for the Bills. But rivalry aside, Buffalo coaches saw the chance to add a good, young player who was never a problem for them last season

The Saints’ Class of 2006, Ten Years Later

Ten years ago in New Orleans, Sean Payton came on as head coach, Drew Brees signed on at quarterback, and the franchise helped lift the spirits of a city devastated by Hurricane Katrina. And a decade later, three late-round picks from a unique draft class are still around as franchise cornerstones

‘It’s Always Something With the Jets’

Geno Smith’s broken jaw, courtesy of a teammate’s fist, is just the latest fiasco involving Gang Green—and further evidence that the Jets’ 2013 draft is cursed

Why is Darryl Henley Still in Prison?

Victim of the Drug War’s harsh mandatory sentencing, as well as possible racial bias and entrapment, the onetime Rams star is 20 years into a 41-year jail term. It’s time the government consider whether he, like many non-violent offenders, has paid his dues and deserves a new chance