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Draft Day With Myles Garrett

Walking across the stage in Philadelphia was not his style. Garrett spent draft day in his Texas hometown with family, best friends, old coaches, a couple of NFL legends and Guitar Hero. Then he got the call from Cleveland that he’d been waiting for

The Last-Chance Mock Draft

The MMQB’s final mock draft, on the day of the big event, sees the Browns making a move for Mitchell Trubisky and the Panthers pulling a surprise with Christian McCaffery

Peter King’s Mock Draft: Expect Weirdness

The Browns finally spend some draft capital and get two top names? Which playoff team has a QB fall into its lap? And who will make the big moves and pull off the big surprises? In projecting the first round, it’s best to realize that, like the draft itself, it’s mostly a crapshoot

How the 2017 NFL Schedule Was Made

The slate wasn’t finalized until a computer in western Europe spit out option number 52,129, which accounted for marathons in Detroit and Chicago, turned Los Angeles into an odd focal point on New Year’s Eve and made teams playing overseas happy with their byes

Beyond Vegas: London Is Calling the NFL

The ease with which the Raiders left Oakland for Las Vegas shows that NFL teams will chase the next dollar no matter where it can be made. That also means the next team to relocate will likely need passports

The Raiders Are Leaving for Las Vegas

The result of Monday’s overwhelming vote to allow the Raiders to relocate to Las Vegas was not a surprise. But NFL’s the move to embrace the gambling capital of the world made one thing clear: This is not your father’s NFL anymore

The Raiders Move: What’s In It for Las Vegas?

Like other cities on the outside looking in, Las Vegas sees joining the NFL club as a way to raise its civic stature. Unlike other suitors, the money and the political will are there—in abundance

Reuben Foster, Inside and Outside the Lines

His immense talent—the best linebacker of the Saban era at Alabama—is offset by a litany of off-the-field questions, underlined by his infamous dismissal from the combine two weeks ago. Now the question: Where and when will Foster come off the board on draft night?

Meet The Protector

Obsessed with equipment and willing to take some hits along the way, a self-taught tinkerer became the go-to guy for some of the NFL’s biggest stars when it comes to a crucial piece of equipment: shoulder pads

There’s Another Mess in D.C.

The Redskins have spent much of this century redefining dysfunction, and now they’re at it again. Here’s a look at the firing of Scot McCloughan. Plus Day 1 free agency notes on the Patriots’ deals, Tony Romo and more

The Browns’ Brock Osweiler Trade: Moneyball in Action

Since last year Cleveland has been operating under the personnel principles that have transformed baseball decision-making. The deal for  the Texans’ albatross of a quarterback—and a second-round pick—is the perfect example a new way of thinking in the NFL

A Normal Human Being Who Just Likes to Smile

One of the most provocative players in the NFL, Martellus Bennett has been dogged by questions about his focus and outlandish personality. To those pursuing him in free agency: just let Marty be himself

The Draft’s Rorschach Test: What Will Each Team See in Patrick Mahomes?

An athletic, cannon-armed playmaker, son of a professional athlete and leader of men? Or a sloppy, reckless developmental prospect from a gimmicky offense? In a QB class full of question marks, Mahomes has emerged as the most fascinating passer in the draft. And every evaluator will see something different

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