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Colts Moves: Is There a Role for Peyton Manning?

Jim Irsay’s firing of Ryan Grigson as GM in Indy opens the door for Peyton Manning to take a position of authority with the franchise—and it would seem to be an ideal reunion. But does the Colts icon want the job?

The Divisional Round Awards

On Aaron Rodger's miraculous 35-yard pass, Le'Veon Bell's Steph Curry-like quest, Mason Crosby's two 50-plus yard field goals and Dion Lewis' one-of-a-kind performance

Jaguars Keep Marrone, and Keep Believing in Bortles

By retaining Doug Marrone and David Caldwell, along with bringing in Tom Coughlin, the Jaguars have made their intentions clear: They want to salvage their beleaguered young QB. Plus, updates on the NFL’s other coaching searches

The Wild-Card Weekend NFL Awards

On Le'Veon Bell's patience and Aaron Rodgers' pocket presence. It took three years, but Jadeveon Clowney is finally a game-wrecker

The MMQB 2016 NFL Awards

Our eclectic panel of journalists, players and coaching and front-office vets—plus a couple big-name ringers—make their picks for the major honors of the 2016 season

‘We Can’t Keep Talking About Derek, Bro’

The mood is a mix of anger and despair as the Raiders prepare for a wild-card weekend trip to Houston. But while any realistic Super Bowl hopes might be dashed, the Raiders still have a chance to finish an almost-storybook season the right way

The Week 17 Power Rankings

The Packers are back on top of the NFC North and hosting a playoff game, just like we all expected at Thanksgiving

The Week 17 Awards

On Aaron Rodgers fulfilling his prophecy, Tom Brady creating a contest at MVP, and Gary Kubiak's decision to step down. Plus, the player who had the best year of any player in the league at his position.

NFL Black Monday: What to Expect as the Carousel Spins

Three teams already have sideline vacancies. Who’s next? Here’s a primer on what to watch for as Week 17 concludes, including a separation in San Diego, postseason or bust in Detroit and a potential rare coaching trade

Rex Ryan’s Last Rodeo?

The Bills brought the Rex Ryan era in Buffalo to an end a game short of two full seasons. What went wrong, and what’s next for the team and the coaching lifer who was supposed to turn around the franchise

An NFL Sunday with Benny from the Bronx

A regular caller to sports talk radio in New York City, Benny lives and dies with his beloved Packers while chain-smoking, fist-pumping and nervously pacing throughout the action. Just another rabid fan? He also has Roger Goodell and Green Bay president Mark Murphy in his phone

The Week 16 Awards

On Jay Ajayi's 200-yard games, David Johnson's shot at history, and Aaron Rodgers as the quarterback you do not want to play in January

Week 15 Power Rankings

 New England's defense proved it deserves the top spot, Tennessee's latest quality victory secured it a spot in the top 15, Jordy Nelson lifts the Packers and makes a case for Comeback Player of the Year

The Week 15 Awards

On Marcus Mariota's three fourth-quarter drives in Kansas City, Matt Moore's first start in five years and receiver-turned-running-back Ty Montgomery's Week 15-best performance

Why Is the Ezekiel Elliott Investigation Taking So Long?

Having been burned multiple times, from Ray Rice to Josh Brown, the NFL is taking its time in its official probe of the domestic violence accusations against the Cowboys’ rookie running back. Is the league being thorough, or just prolonging things for appearances?

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