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Dalvin Cook and the Stories Behind the Red Flags

The concerns NFL teams have with Cook’s off-the-field history can be traced back to his middle school days. Some of it is Cook’s doing, some of it the product of a hard upbringing, and some of it is from the imagination of a man set on sabotaging him

‘The Kicker’ Finishes A Father’s Journey

The best kicking prospect to come into the draft in more than a decade, Roberto Aguayo is on the doorstep of the NFL thanks in no small part to his father’s perseverance. But is any kicker worth a high pick?

The Mystery German Who Might Be the Start of Something Big

A football newbie with a phenom’s physique and head-turning pro day numbers, Moritz Boehringer—late of the Swäbisch Hall Unicorns—embodies the promise of an international talent pipeline, and could be the first player drafted straight from Europe into the NFL

The Hackenberg Riddle

On track to become a top-five pick after his dazzling freshman year, the Penn State QB filled NFL evaluators with doubts over the last two seasons. With the draft just three weeks away, NFL teams are still grappling with the question: Who is the real Christian Hackenberg?

Jared Goff May Be the Next Tim Couch—In a Good Way!

There are strong links between the (unjustly maligned) quarterback who relaunched the Browns in ’99 and the Cal product who could be Cleveland’s next presumptive franchise QB. It doesn’t worry Goff one bit

It Was The Journey

Jihad Ward was raised in Philly but made in Manhattan, where he endured a grueling daily commute just to get to class and practice at a New York City junior college. As the defensive lineman prepares for next month’s NFL draft, memories of those broke, hungry and desperate juco days still fuel him

Coming Back

It has been three years since a running back was selected in the first round of the NFL draft; the man most likely to break that drought tore his ACL five months ago. Where Georgia’s Todd Gurley is on the road to recovery, and why his draft stock is bouncing back fast

It Didn’t Break Him

Lorenzo Mauldin spent his childhood bouncing from foster home to foster home—16 of them to be exact. The statistics said he was unlikely to amount to anything, but now he's a college graduate about to be drafted into the NFL. He beat the odds; he wants foster kids to know they can do the same

The Trainee

Most job interviews don’t take three months—but the NFL isn’t most employers. Prospects like Ohio State defensive tackle Michael Bennett undergo exhaustive preparation to make the most of every second

The Throwback

He’s the grandson of golfing royalty, so you might assume there’s a softness to Nick O'Leary’s game. You'd be wrong. Grit, toughness and reliability allowed him to step out of his grandfather's shadow during a prolific collegiate career

Jean Sifrin Is 27

Ten years ago he dropped out of high school. Now—after four schools, one son and countless jobs—Jean Sifrin is taking the final steps of the longest journey to the 2015 NFL draft

Watching Film With... Leonard Williams

Our film expert sat down for a session with the draft’s biggest defensive force. One thing became clear: Leonard Williams has the brains to match the brawn

The Legend of Brandon Scherff

He was once just your typical rebound-grabbing, tape-measure home-run-mashing, serve-and-volleying, trombone-playing 270-pound high school quarterback. Then Brandon Scherff kept growing until he was the NFL draft's best—and nastiest—offensive line prospect

The Truth About Marcus Mariota

He was nearly perfect in a Heisman-winning campaign last season. Nonetheless, no prospect is under more scrutiny right now than the Oregon quarterback

Who Is Lynden Trail?

Linebacker or defensive end? (For that matter, offense or defense?) From Florida to little Norfolk State, how Trail grew into the 2015 draft’s most intriguing mystery man

The Grand Experiment

If you created a left tackle in a laboratory, he would look a lot like T.J. Clemmings. It’s been a little more than two years since a coach asked him to switch from defense to offense. The decision to try something new has put the Pitt product on a path to become one of a rare breed: a blindside protector in the NFL

The Linebacker Who Couldn’t Hit

Washington’s Shaq Thompson spent the past three seasons proving he’s capable of just about anything on the football field; he’s a likely first-round pick in this year’s draft. But the first time he went pro, as a centerfielder, he proved to be anything but a can’t-miss prospect

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