Super Bowl 49

  • Super Bowl 49



Taking the Pulse of Patriots Nation

As the world tuned in to watch a Super Bowl being played in the Arizona desert, The MMQB shipped up to Boston to ask fans about Deflategate and the state of the NFL. We encountered joy, disbelief, obscene gestures and one guy who watched in a bar while his wife was in labor across the street at Mass General

Go Fourth!

Uncharacteristically cool and calm, Tom Brady overcame a 10-point deficit against the NFL's best defense to lead the Patriots to a fourth Super Bowl title

Lasting Impressions of Super Bowl Week

We asked our writers who made the trip to share a few observations and memories that will stay with them from Arizona. We also asked for a prediction, and no one is picking the Seahawks to repeat

Refuse to Defuse

With one last chance to show some transparency in the Deflategate investigation and return a sense of normalcy to Super Bowl XLIX, Roger Goodell once again chose the cloak-and-dagger route that has defined his tenure

Where Does It Come From?

This idea, that he can accomplish anything he wants on the gridiron. We traced Russell Wilson's roots, from Richmond to Raleigh to Madison to Seattle, to figure out just how he willed himself to the top of the football world

Why the Patriots Will Win

In a very evenly matched Super Bowl between the NFL’s two top teams—and led by the league’s best coaches—give the slight edge to New England in what promises to be a hard-hitting, low-scoring affair Sunday in Arizona

A Conversation with the Legion of Boom

After an almost unfathomable comeback win in the NFC championship, we joined up with Earl Thomas, Kam Chancellor, Byron Maxwell, Jeremy Lane and, of course, Richard Sherman as they prepared for a Sports Illustrated cover shoot, and for the Patriots. Here’s what they had to say about teamwork, where they stand in history and, oh yeah, Tom Brady

When They Were Younger

The men playing in Super Bowl XLIX are remembered by their high school and college coaches, who share stories about their former charges playing a church organ, tricking out a beat-up Cadillac, giving haircuts in the locker room and getting trapped in a locker (we’re looking at you, Tom Brady)

Deflategate: The Pressure is Building

Don't expect discipline before Super Bowl Sunday—the NFL desperately needs to get this one right. But if anyone in the Patriots organization is found to have tampered with a game ball, the punishment will be severe

A Very Special Win

The inside story of how Seattle's third unit—special teams—sparked the Seahawks' come-from-behind victory in the NFC title game

In a Happy Place

Gronk is healthy, a makeshift line is getting the job done and a rebuilt secondary is proving nearly unbeatable. Belichick, Brady and the Patriots have spent 10 years chasing their fourth ring. As Sunday’s destruction of the Colts proved, this year’s group gives them the best chance they’ve ever had to get No. 4

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