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Fathers' Daze: A Patriots Baby Boom

Reading defensive coverages? Easy. Installing a car seat? Not so much. As Father's Day approaches, six New England players — who all welcomed babies within two months of their Super Bowl win — trade notes on parenting

Osi Umenyiora’s Global Mission

The former Giants star is covering the NFL for BBC Sports and working as a scout to unearth hidden talent in Europe. It won’t be long, he says, before an NFL team calls London its home

Growing Old After Football

The cost of perfection was different for members of the Dolphins’ 1972 undefeated team. Some are suffering from dementia while others are reading The Wall Street Journal and skateboarding around Venice Beach. But for all of them, the dangers of football weigh heavy on their minds

The Fraternity of Mr. Irrelevant

Last week, the final pick of the NFL draft was more relevant than ever, as big-name QB Chad Kelly went No. 253 to the Broncos. Here’s Kelly, as well as four other final picks of the draft, on all things Irrelevant

Humans of the NFL Draft

We talked to a first-round pick who is obsessed with the Food Network, a 10-year-old football player who made it onto his idol's Snapchat, a Philly cop who worked the red carpet, a mom whose son became a millionaire and so many others

Bonnie Bernstein Fires Back

The former NFL sideline reporter for CBS was criticized for her tweets about Tony Romo replacing Phil Simms as the network’s No. 1 analyst. Here she lays out all the challenges of a job that can overwhelm even the most seasoned pros  

Tommy Maddox on XFL, Elway and Big Ben

The long-time quarterback looks back fondly on his XFL MVP season (training camp at a casino!), how the league opened the door for one last chance in the NFL, and his time as Elway’s heir apparent and Roethlisberger’s placeholder

Dan Fouts Gets His Vote

The Hall of Fame quarterback talks about the Canton balloting process, T.O., OT and what makes Tom Brady the G.O.A.T.

The Chosen Twin

Devin McCourty is making his sixth straight trip to the AFC Championship Game while his brother, Titans cornerback Jason McCourty, has never been to the postseason. Here’s how the Patriots’ safety is getting ready

Dwight Freeney: Still The Spin Master

The Falcons’ 36-year-old defensive end will consider retiring this offseason, but no matter what happens this postseason, he might have enough personal motivation to keep playing and get a few more sacks

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