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Fifty Years of an NFL Life

Joe Browne, the league’s PR chief under Pete Rozelle and Paul Tagliabue and later an adviser to Roger Goodell, retired in March. From the AFL merger to Al Davis, from the backdoor dealings of Tagliabue’s election to a battle with Donald Trump, these are some of the memories that highlighted his 50 years in the NFL

The Day Football Died in Los Angeles

On Dec. 24, 1994, the Raiders and Rams played their last games in L.A. The stars were out—from Marcus Allen and Jerome Bettis to Whoopi Goldberg and Kelsey Grammer—as were fans desperate to hold on. While a sense of finality hovered in the air, no one thought the void would last two decades and counting

That ’70s Strike

Four decades ago, in the midst of a bitter work stoppage, players picketed Hall of Fame weekend in Canton. The scene was strange—not to mention funky—but those who took part argue that the groundwork was laid for future labor victories

Part I: Man Not Myth

He had a taste for wine, a love of roses, but life was not always that way for Chuck Noll, the unknown coach of the Pittsburgh Steelers

Part II: The Teacher

While other NFL coaches reveled in being regarded as demigods, Chuck Noll of the Steelers wanted to be known as a pedagogue

JFK 50 Years Later: The NFL’s Darkest Weekend

In November 1963, as a shocked nation mourned its assassinated president, the NFL proceeded with its full Sunday schedule. One result of this controversial decision was a brutal off-the-field fight that came close to taking a player’s life

Sammy Baugh, 1943: The Greatest Season?

That year, the bandy-legged Texan led the NFL in pass attempts, completions and percentage; in punting average; and in interceptions—made, not thrown. And on Nov. 14 against the Lions, he had arguably the greatest single-game performance in football history

Mean Joe vs. Double O

In the 1974 AFC Championship Game, two all-time greats went nose to nose across the line of scrimmage. Steelers defensive tackle Joe Greene was at the peak of his power, Raiders center Jim Otto at the end of his career. Their showdown formed the centerpiece of the game that launched the Pittsburgh dynasty

It’s Not Easy, But It Is Noble

Adrian Peterson’s quest for 2,500 yards is running up against the cold reality of NFL defenses primed to stop him. But there’s a beauty in his pursuit of runners who came before him, and in his evoking the lost glory of the ground game

Today’s Perfect Quarterback Played a Quarter-Century Ago

The dream QB for the modern NFL—a fast, elusive, strong-armed playmaker—wore No. 12 for Philadelphia nearly 30 years before Chip Kelly arrived. Randall Cunningham was ahead of his time, but his son, RC2, is coming of age at the ideal moment

Can’t Catch a Break from Canton

Tim Brown and Andre Reed are at the front of the Hall of Fame receiver logjam. It won’t get easier from here, and it won’t hurt any less

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