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Let Brady Deflate the Ball

For the past nine years, NFL quarterbacks have been allowed to doctor game balls in all sorts of ways. So why does air pressure have to be regulated? Plus, notes on LeSean McCoy‘s Chip Kelly comment, draft grades, a relatively surprising cut and more

On Film Study, Texting Coaches and Seattle’s MVP

For an inveterate tape-watcher, the complexity and beauty of pro football are on display in the All-22 film, but neither it nor an intimate insider can definitively name which Seahawk is most valuable. Plus notes on Jameis Winston, Tim Tebow, RG3 and more

What Did They Know? What Can They Learn?

Aaron Hernandez’s murder conviction will absolutely not change the way teams assess players with off-the-field problems. But there is one lesson teams can take away. Plus, why the Vikings should move Adrian Peterson, why the Chargers should deal Philip Rivers and why concerns about Jameis Winston are very real

What Will the Falcons Be?

New Atlanta coach Dan Quinn has roots all over the football landscape, so identifying what kind of team to expect is not as simple as saying the Falcons will be Seahawks South. Plus thoughts on the draft, including one QB to watch

The Young Dinosaur

After back-to-back losing seasons for the first time as New York Giants head coach, 68-year-old Tom Coughlin had no interest in walking away from coaching. He’s even less interested in changing his ways

The Next Bridgewater?

Teddy Bridgewater was nitpicked extensively before the 2014 draft but he quieted the critics in a standout rookie campaign. Will the Vikings QB's success pave the way for a similar QB in the '15 class? Plus notes on Rex Ryan, drug tests, more

Baltimore’s Big Problem

For years, the Ravens were one of the NFL’s cleanest teams off the field. But a recent run of arrests has forced the organization to cut contributing players and alter future plans. Plus thoughts on rule changes, signings and more

The Patriots Have a Plan

Breaking the bank for players—especially non-QBs over 30—has never been New England's style. So, sure, Darrelle Revis will be missed, but expect Bill Belichick and company to adjust and move forward like they always do

The Free Agency Bargains

Injuries, coaching changes, stuck behind stars—there are many reasons players will get overlooked when the market opens next week. Here are 12 with upside at a low cost. Plus good landing spots for cut vets Vince Wilfork and Andre Johnson

The Peterson Fallout

The NFL suffered a big blow when a district court judge ruled against the league on Adrian Peterson's appeal. The matter isn't over, but it shines a light on Roger Goodell's unwieldy power and the need for a more uniform discipline policy

Learning the Belichick Way

Asked to replace a legend and blindsided by the preseason trade of his best player, Patriots offensive line coach Dave DeGuglielmo oversaw a unit that jelled just in time for a Super Bowl run. One thing he learned in his first season working for Bill Belichick: Everything happens for a reason

New Goal: Three-Hawks

No team in the salary-cap era has ever been to three consecutive Super Bowls. With the majority of its talent coming back and the motivation after its Arizona disappointment, Seattle has more than a legitimate chance to become the first

The Quiet Chargers

Remember San Diego? Plucky little bunch, won a playoff game and took the eventual AFC champs to the wire? Yeah, they're back and feeling all kinds of confident heading into 2014. Plus, notes on the playbook 'scandal' and more

Worst to First? The Buccaneers Believe It

Forget about rebuilding or taking it slow. Tampa Bay's new general manager Jason Licht says his team is ready to win now. Can coach Lovie Smith, QB Josh McCown and company really compete for an NFC South division title in 2014?

Rumors of Brady's Demise Are Greatly Exaggerated

It's 'beyond ridiculous' to suggest Tom Brady is no longer a top five quarterback, says a coach very familiar with the Patriots star's work. Plus, notes on Colin Kaepernick's deal, Jermichael Finley's comeback and Dion Jordan's bust status

Celebrity Chaperones

Running back Rashad Jennings takes underprivileged kids to college, how cornerback Prince Amukamara ended up at the Bar Mitzvah, and the Ravens’ epic mishandling of Ray Rice

Keeping It Together

Despite a rough offseason lowlighted by a series of player defections, Chiefs GM John Dorsey isn’t about to stray from his longterm plan to rebuild the program

Questioning the Practice

The 2011 CBA was negotiated to reduce mileage on players in the offseason. Coaches hate it, players want access to the facilities, but the time away may make teams better ... plus, a ChuckStrong update and Greg Hardy’s legal woes

Manziel Mania, Now Headed to Cleveland

It was a wild ride on Thursday night at Radio City, but to the thrill of practically everyone, Johnny Manziel is a Brown—and neither he nor the beleaguered franchise can wait for the Johnny Football era to begin. Plus, more takes from the first round

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