Raiders Rule the AFC West, Colts Come Away with Win in Lambeau, and Midseason MVP Race
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Raiders Rule the AFC West, Colts Come Away with Win in Lambeau, and Midseason MVP Race

Plus, Doug Pederson keeps gambling and losing, Fitzpatrick Era winds down, Stafford a hero, Big Ben a zero and everything you need to know about Week 9

Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images; Dylan Buell/Getty Images; Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images

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This week's show:

1. The Raiders rule the West — 2:06

2. Doug Pederson gambles and loses, then gambles again and loses — 11:23

3. Colts walk into Lambeau and walk away with a win — 15:40

4. Is it time to bring the Fitzpatrick era to a merciful end? — 21:20

5. Melvin Gordon keeps the Chargers running — 27:39

6. Matthew Stafford plays hero again — 30:08

7. Ravens toy with Roethlisberger — 34:08

8. Reader Mailbag: Ravens offensive fixes? Are Lions favorites in the North? Questioning Zimmer’s clock management? Top rookie performers at midseason? Plus, audience polls on ties or no ties, the best of the 2016 draft’s top four picks (Goff, Wentz, Bosa, Zeke) and our latest t-shirt contest winner — 37:56

9. The Lightning-ish Round (Cowboys crush Browns on day of thousand neutral-zone infractions, Chiefs backups win while Kelce goes crazy, another win for the Panthers and Saints-49ers play a Big 12 game) — 49:29

10. Week 9 Awards and Andy’s and Gary’s picks for the MVP race — 56:03