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Big Dan Gets His Chance

Pittsburgh Steelers rookie Daniel McCullers grew up fat, shy and a popular target for bullies. Now the biggest player in the 2014 draft is looking to make his mark with the Steelers

The Draft’s Catch-22

The Browns landed Manziel with the 22nd pick, but had to beat out three teams vying for the spot. Should the Vikings have pushed harder to move up for Johnny Football instead of angling to get Teddy Bridgewater ten picks later?

Andre, the Giant

Running back Andre Williams, a Heisman finalist, fell to the fourth round in the NFL draft. But when the phone finally rang, he couldn’t have been happier

The Drama Behind the Michael Sam Drama

How a thunderstorm 3,000 miles away from Michael Sam's California location almost kept ESPN from airing the most memorable moment in NFL draft history

The 2014 NFL Draft: Sealed With a Kiss

From Johnny Manziel's long wait on Thursday to Michael Sam's dramatic moment on Saturday, this year's NFL draft will go down in history. Plus, an NFC GM continues his trade prowess and a Ram infiltrates the Falcons' draft room

Michael Sam: A Small Step, and a Giant Leap

When the Rams finally took Michael Sam seven picks from the end of the draft, anger turned to joy among the out former players supporting him. It’s history, yes, but whose?

Same Ol' Browns? Not This Time Around

The news of Josh Gordon's reported failed drug test—and potential year-long suspension—might have been a buzzkill, but the Browns still are headed in the right direction. Plus, draft thoughts on the other 31 teams in the league

Manziel Mania, Now Headed to Cleveland

It was a wild ride on Thursday night at Radio City, but to the thrill of practically everyone, Johnny Manziel is a Brown—and neither he nor the beleaguered franchise can wait for the Johnny Football era to begin. Plus, more takes from the first round

‘We’ve Got to Win Now’

Inspired by his mentor Bill Nunn, who died two days earlier, Bills GM Doug Whaley pulled off the biggest trade of the 2014 NFL draft to select wideout Sammy Watkins. The move announced to the rest of the league, and to long-suffering fans: Buffalo is tired of losing

Recapping Round 1

With the third pick in the NFL draft, the Jacksonville Jaguars selected Chad Henne’s backup. At the earliest, Blake Bortles shouldn’t see a regular-season game until 2015 ... plus, my takeaways on the other 31 teams

The Wait Is Almost Over

The long, arduous draft process is finally wrapping up. After months of uncertainty, Andre Williams is about to find out where his NFL career will begin

The May Draft? It’s a Bust

The selections have yet to come, and there’s uncertainty about next year’s venue, but one thing is crystal clear: the draft must move back to late April

I Think ... It's Draft Day!

Expecting to see a trade in the top five? Don't hold your breath. The 2014 NFL draft kicks off today—praise be to Goodell—and while Houston wants nothing more than to move out of the top spot, the Texans likely will stay put and take . . .

Always on Call

Everyone has an opinion about NFL draft prospects, but the ones that count the most come from team doctors and athletic trainers who advise behind the scenes about joint damage and concussion history

Inside the War Room

At team headquarters across the NFL, the draft means waiting, working through the chaos, waiting some more and trusting The Board

From Griz to Big Biz

How does a player from a small program like Montana catch the eye of NFL scouts? Draft prospect Jordan Tripp’s recipe included three defensive coordinators, a standout Senior Bowl and frequent trips to the local steakhouse

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